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The Quill Pen Ten - April 12, 2005 - April 18, 2005

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- The Quill Pen Ten -

April 12, 2005 - April 18, 2005

Welcome to another edition of the Quill Pen Ten.  Veterans of the OpinionEditorials.com community know it as the QPT.  The QPT is a collection of the ten most-interesting and most-popular op-eds of the preceding week.

The QPT is brought to you by your friends at Frontiers of Freedom.  Frontiers is a non-profit, non-partisan public policy organization dedicated to protecting the constitutional rights of all Americans and restoring constitutional limits on the extent and power of government.

Presenting the Quill Pen Ten:

Lee P Butler: Will The Republican Momentum Flourish Or Will It Be Delayed?
This is how a recent Associated Press news release started, "The No. 3 Republican in the Senate said Sunday that embattled House Majority Leader Tom Delay needs to answer questions about his ethics and Ôlet the people then judge for themselves'."

Bob Newman: Hate, Violence And The Liberal Way
As a lad growing up in Thomaston, Maine, in the 1960s, I loved studying myths and legends and was always interested in learning facts about those myths and legends of which most people were unaware. So you can imagine my amusement each time liberals show America what they are really about, which so often these days are hate, violence and the damaging of the Bill of Rights and Constitution in general, with free speech being a prime target within the latter. It wasn't that long ago that liberals were believed to be non-violent defenders of the Constitution who shunned hate.

Bonnie Alba: ACLU and Science - Brotherhood of Darwinism
The 1925 "Scopes ÔMonkey' Trial," instigated by the American Civil Liberties Union, resulted in Darwin's theory of Origins prominently enshrined as Science's solo life origins theory. The ACLU racked up a place in the litigation system and thereafter, amongst other issues, took on any customers who wanted God and religion banned from public schools.

Helen and Peter Evans: Legalized Murder?
It's been a few weeks since our nation was immersed in the emotional drama surrounding the end of Terri Shiavo's life. We literally had to face death; not just hers, but the prospect of our own. The media eye has moved on now, and emotions have subsided somewhat, but our passion about the issues raised by Ms Shiavo's final agony should remain aflame. We must not allow being euthanized to be euphemized.

Joe Mariani: Enough of Unconstitutional Judicial Filibusters
When some members of Congress violate the Constitution, how can we have any confidence in their leadership? Yet that is precisely the effect these unlawful filibusters of judicial nominees are having -- undermining confidence in the Senate. Instead of voting yes or no on President Bush's picks for certain federal judgeships, Democrats are refusing to allow a vote to even take place, using a Senate rule that no motion may come to a vote while still under discussion.

Rudy Takala: The Education Debacle
The war for the children has been reaching ridiculous extremes as of late, with the ownership of children being an object of dispute. Socialism has always espoused a doctrine of subordinating the welfare of individuals to the welfare of the State, but American socialists have rarely stated it in unambiguous and outright terms.

Jan Larson: Just a Minute!
For the past couple of weeks, several hundred citizen volunteers have been patrolling a 23 mile stretch of the Arizona - Mexico border as part of the so-called "Minuteman Project." Contrary to the dire warnings of opponents, the Minutemen volunteers have not turned this stretch of desert into a killing field as they meted out vigilante justice, but rather have assisted the border patrol in apprehending illegals crossing the border.

Warner Todd Huston: Republicans Don't Know How To Handle Power
...It's just that simple.  The GOP has been out of the channels of power since FDR's Democratic Party co-opted socialism to remake their party into the "Party of the people" at the end of Hoover's term. That was in 1933, for those keeping track.

Matt Abbott: A 'Centrist' Pope?
Conservative commentator Hugh Hewitt made a good observation in recent days. He said that "most of the American media is simply ignorant of the pope's critics on the right," namely those who reject the doctrinal developments and disciplinary reforms of the Second Vatican Council, particularly in regard to ecumenism, inter-religious dialogue and the vernacular Mass.

Randall H. Nunn: Was Paul Revere a "Vigilante"?
To hear the mainstream media tell it, one would think the Minuteman Project being carried out along the Arizona border represents a dangerous and sinister effort by armed "vigilantes" that should be condemned by all right-thinking Americans. In fact, it is nothing more than concerned American citizens acting to bring some attention to the extent of illegal immigration and the ineffective response of the federal government to a growing problem.

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