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Public Schools

Bush Education Policy

"Overall federal education spending has grown by a third since President Bush took office. If the president’s budget request is approved, funding for programs designed to end the achievement gap between white and minority students -- the focus of Title I of the Elementary and Secondary Education Act of 1968 (search) -- will have grown by 52 percent since he took office in 2000."

Economics in America

Bush’s Supply-Side Boom
Witness the economic power of lower marginal tax-rate incentives.

Economy set for best growth in twenty years

Great New Economic Numbers the Main Stream Press Won't Readily Report

The hysteria of global warming





Democrats push illegal immigration

U.N. Oil For Food Scandal


One of the biggest reasons Saddam shouldn't have been left in power.Come Clean, Kofi
The U.N. secretary-general ducks responsibilty for the Oil for Food scam.
Another top reason.

Joe Wilson's Uranium-Not–Sought-in-Africa Lie Facts...
(Washington Post: Husband Is Conspicuous in Leak Case - Dana Milbank)
(Newsbusters: Fitzgerald Does a "Star" Turn as Captain Queeg)
(Newsbusters: Plamegate-Obsessed Nets Yawned
Over Potential Indictments of Hillary...And Bill)

(Slate: Plame's Lame Game - Christopher Hitchens)
(Bob Novak: Wilson contradictions leave Democrat senators speechless)
(Weekly Standard: Four Facts and Five Conclusions)
(NewsMax: Novak: Wilson's Wife Not a Covert CIA Agent)
(WSJ: The End of the Plame Kerfuffle!)
(WS: Additional Views. What did Rockefeller say back in 2002? - Stephen F. Hayes)
(Kansas City Star: Wife Suggested Wilson for Inquiry, Report Says)
(NRO: Exposed and Discredited, Joe Wilson Might Consider Going Back)
(Weekly Standard: The White House, the CIA, and the Wilsons - Stephen F. Hayes)
(NRO: Did the CIA “Out” Valerie Plame? - Andrew McCarthy)
(Chicago Sun-Times: Plame security breach? It just ain't so, Joe - Mark Steyn)
(American Thinker: Spy Valerie and the rogue CIA)
(LAT: Top Aides Reportedly Set Sights on Wilson)
(LAT: Rove's Troubles Expose Strategic Drawbacks of a United Front - Brownstein)
(American Spectator: Operation Overrove)
(MCR: CBS Airs One-Sided Anti-Rove Story; CNN Sees "Smear" of Wilson)
(NewMax: The Uranium Joe Wilson Didn't Mention)

Links between 9-11 and Iraq and WMD Evidence

Cheney blasts media on al Qaeda-Iraq link

Iraq & al Qaeda
Iraq-al Qaeda link comes in focus

(Center for Non-Proliferation Studies: WMDs in Iraq)
(Washington Post: UNSCOM Tracks Terror Weapons)
(Washington Post: The Unconventional Arsenal)
(Palestine Chronicle: U.S. to Have Access to 21 Countries in Iraq War)
(Washington Times: Iraqi Scientist Says Materials for Nuclear Bombs in Hand)
(UK Times: 14 Years of Torture and Humiliation in Saddam's Jail)
(MSNBC: Banging the War Drums Slowly -Christopher Hitchens)
(CNN: Experts: Iraq has Tons of Chemical Weapons)
(Finish the War. Liberate Iraq -former Democrat Senator Bob Kerrey)
(UK Telegraph: UN Inspectors Uncover Proof of Saddam's Nuclear Bomb Plans)
(Reuters: Iraq Scientist Says Saddam Hiding Arms Underground)
(UK Times: Exiles Prepare for a Happy Return at Camp Freedom)(U.S. State Dept: Iraq Weapons of Mass Destruction Programs)
(U.S. Senate: Testimony on emerging Threats & Capabilities)
(U.K. Ministry of Defence: Iraq's Weapons of Mass Destruction)
(Foreign Affairs: The Greatest Threat -Richard Butler)
(Washington Times: Iraq Seeks Steel for Nukes)
(Bureau of Democracy, Human Rights & Labor: Iraq: A Population Silenced)
(UK Times: Liberal MP Backs War After Meeting Saddam Torture Victims)(UK Telegraph: Saddam Killed Abu Nidal Over Al-Qaeda Row)
(UK Guardian: The Iraqi Connection to Al-Qaeda)
(Jane's: Abu Nidal Murder Trail Leads Directly to Iraqi Regime)
(Brain-Terminal.com: MOS at the New York City Peace Protests)
(MidEast Review of Int'l Affairs: Iraq's WMDs & the '97 Gulf Crisis)

WND stories on al-Qaida-Iraq link

Book details the connection between Iraq and bin Laden

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