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QPT: March 29, 2005 - April 4, 2005

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- The Quill Pen Ten -

March 29, 2005 - April 4, 2005

Welcome to another edition of the Quill Pen Ten.  Veterans of the OpinionEditorials.com community know it as the QPT.  The QPT is a collection of the ten most-interesting and most-popular op-eds of the preceding week.

The QPT is brought to you by your friends at Frontiers of Freedom.  Frontiers is a non-profit, non-partisan public policy organization dedicated to protecting the constitutional rights of all Americans and restoring constitutional limits on the extent and power of government.

Presenting the Quill Pen Ten:

Lee P Butler: Social Security Reform And The Media's Misinformation Plan Of Attack
Former First Lady Barbara Bush laid the boom to the Social Security debate at a rally in Pensacola, Florida. "I'm here because your father and I have 17 grandchildren... all born after 1950 and we want to know: Is someone going to do something about it?" she intoned, after having earlier quieted the cheering crowd.

Kerri Houston: Hands Off Our Noses!
Good intentions by politicians have been known to inflict collateral damage on innocent bystanders as legislative overreach often causes problems for taxpayers, consumers or other subgroups of the citizenry.

George C. Landrith: Weasel Words and Euphemisms Obscure the Known Facts
Speaking with many of my friends, it is clear that there is a great deal of confusion about the Terri Schiavo case. Apparently, the mainstream media has done an extraordinary job using weasel words and disingenuous euphemisms to make more acceptable government's intervention to starve to death a clearly disabled, but otherwise healthy woman.

Chad M. Janicek: The Origin of Rights
From where do your rights come? Not the right to bear arms, or freedom of the press. I'm talking about those unalienable rights our founding fathers spoke of: Life, liberty, the pursuit of happiness. At face value, it's quite a simple question; who, or what, gives you these rights?
It seems to me there are two possible answers, God or government.

Chuck Busch: Final Word for Terri Shiavo
The facts of the case are simple. The implications of the decision will be unending. There is no document expressing Terri Shiavo's choice to die or by what manner of death. All we have is the word of Michael Shiavo whose testimony is compromised by an obvious conflict of interest and whose status as a "husband" is dubious at best. Yet the judiciary of the infamous Florida courts system has seen fit to condemn a helpless innocent woman to a slow torturous death by dehydration and starvation even before her constitutional right of due process has been thoroughly played out.

Marian Shah: Forced Labor: The Wrong Kind of Capitalism
Brian Robertson's book "Forced Labor" [1] discusses the balance of career and family, concluding that in two-earner families, something has got to give. Women can work, but children need parents. It's fine to do one or the other, but very hard to juggle when both parents work 60 hours a week.

Bonnie Chernin Rogoff: A Pope For All The People
"The Jewish religion is not 'extrinsic' to us, but in a certain way is 'intrinsic' to our own religion. With Judaism therefore we have a relationship which we do not have with any other religion. You are our dearly beloved brothers and, in a certain way, it could be said that you are our elder brothers."

Mike Bates: Americans and the right to Social Security
American philosopher Yogi Berra once sagely noted, "What gets us into trouble is not what we don't know. It's what we know for sure that just ain't so." Or maybe it was Zsa Zsa Gabor who said that. Either way, it's unquestionably an insightful observation.

Chris Adamo: Judge Greer: Harbinger of America's Future
When Alabama Chief Justice Roy Moore refused a federal court order to remove a monument to the Ten Commandments from that state's Supreme Court building, he became the central figure in a firestorm of criticism from the left. But his liberal critics weren't alone. Conservatives also chided Moore, contending that his defiance of the order undermined the "rule of law" in America.

Gregory Rummo: Angelic Musings Over Terry Schiavo
With virtually every legal appeal exhausted and Terry Schiavo's death imminent, it would appear the story that has captured the nation is about to come to an end. Where the repercussions will take us in the years ahead is anyone's guess.

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