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Promising Signs of Progress

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Promising signs of progress

"Tough as it may be, when even Clinton can see that insurgent action is not achieving its goals, there is hope that change in Iraq is possible."

Reader offers response to 'Promising signs of progress'

Women voted in Iraq for the first time in many... well, for the first time in history. Not only did they brave a hostile environment in which they were warned of violence if they voted; which better illuminated P. Diddy’s narcissistic ‘Vote or Die’ campaign slogan in America as the infantile mendacity that it was. But they also proudly displayed their ink stained fingers for the world to see that Democracy had finally reached the sun baked sands of Iraq in spite of terrorist threats.

Stories and pictures of the heroic escapades from our local National Guard troops who spent a tour of duty in that country gave us a special insight into the ‘behind the scenes’ atmosphere where schools were built and relationships established throughout Iraqi communities that was, and still is, being under-reported by media elitists.

And yet, the editorial staff of the Daily Journal has just now realized ‘promising signs of progress’ in Iraq. What glorious event surpassed the two previously given examples to generate this epiphany?

Well, it seems that while on a congressional tour of Iraq Senator Hillary Rodham Clinton came to the conclusion that the ‘insurgents were failing’, so it must be. Of course, that same deduction coming from any of us who the paper’s editorial staff has repeatedly referred to as President Bush’s ‘cronies’ is disregarded as political spin.

As the editorial opines, ‘when even Clinton can see that insurgent action is not achieving it’s goal, there is hope that change in Iraq is possible’, it proves that political bias shows itself even when it’s not intended. The pictures and words from our local troops alone should have been enough to create hope, because they were physically and emotionally part of the change that has already taken place!

Satisfying the expectations of Hillary Rodham Clinton shouldn’t even be a goal of accomplishment.

Lee P Butler

Faith-based politics

A St. Louis Post-Dispatch editorial: When Democrats have to hold seminars and bring in consultants to learn how to talk in religious terms, the voters can't help but wonder about their sincerity. ... What our nation needs is not an increasingly polarizing values war or a partisan scramble for the moral high ground. It needs a coming together around common values that promote the common good -- a political destination increasingly hard to find with the disappearance of the political middle. The source of common values might be fervent religious beliefs or a deeply held moral code not derived from any particular religion. But they are values unlikely to be found in some political operative's plan to use morality to create wedge issues or to use religious language to dress up a party's political agenda in its Sunday best. In other words, Democrats are tired of having the truth about them told openly in the New media, because they no longer have a monopoly of the press so we all should just find 'common ground' and forget about Democrat's positions on religion, sex, race, politics, etc... Stating the facts about Democrats is now considered a 'divide and conquer' tactic, not reporting. It's all about what you see, not about who's behind the curtain!

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