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Why does the Democrat controlled governing body in Raleigh continue to attack the hard working families of this state? Doesnt the mantra recited regularly by the leadership of the left claim that they stand for the working man? Which is the reason so many in our state continue to vote these people back into office each election year though their own personal convictions are conservative?

The Legislature passed a budget that is in shambles and left many shaking their heads at the irresponsibility that went into its passage. Some, including our own representative, conceded they didnt like it, yet voted for it anyway. Were these people more interested in protecting the status quo of their political affiliation or what was best for the working class families of the state when making this decision? No Republicans were allowed on any of the Senate's budgetary committees and all their cost cutting suggestions were denied!

People can make whatever case they want out of that budget, but one fact remains, because the Legislature passed a bad fiscal budget the rest of us will have to pay for it. The two hardest hit groups from this debacle will be the elderly and working families, there is no way around it. The elderly need our support and help more than any other group, because they are the only reason we are here today, alive and free.

Yet our Governor thinks a lottery and cutting funding for programs that assist the elderly to create more unessential programs are more important. Obviously, most of the representatives in the state legislature felt that way, too.

Lacking the fiscal responsibility to control spending, the Legislature decided it was better for local municipalities to raise our taxes again, which was little more than political maneuvering for the election year. And it didn't take our local leaders long to pass that tax hike, either.

Their most severe attack on working families came in the form of repealed income tax breaks. They reinstated the marriage tax penalty and eliminated the tax cuts for children, both of these were to come into effect and both were enormous in their beneficial dividend to working families. Since the poor dont pay income taxes and they already receive a bonus in the form of 'Earned Income Credit' thanks to President Ronald Reagan and the amount would seem too small to really matter to the rich, it was a direct attack on working middle-class families.

The relegated local sales tax option also hits working families the most. Working families naturally spend more money for goods and services on a regular basis. This group of Americans is targeted directly throughout the retail community because of that very reason.

Democrats are arguing that the President's tax rebate checks were a bad thing for the economy. Any working family that has to budget and maintain their household income knows that spending generates sales, which in turn generates and maintains the jobs that create the incomes our families live by.

In their blind ambition to obstruct capitalism and eradicate the rich, this liberal mindset continues to create programs and push legislation that is systematically deconstructing our most cherished institution in American society, the working middle class family.

Why do some members of our leadership on the state and national levels feel giving us some of our money back to spend and keep the economy going is a bad thing? Why do the good, hard working, law abiding, tax paying, voting members of the working middle class continue to get punished for our yearly contributions to American society instead of being rewarded as we most certainly deserve?

Lee P. Butler

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