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A Christams Poem For The Holidays

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Calvin's Snowmen

For just this moment, I thought it best to abandon my usual political discourse and produce something for the Christmas season. During this time every year, we should pull off the highway away from the cacophony of life and cherish the spirit of the endearing memories that reside in each of us.

Contentment tickles our insides it’s wings fluffy and light
Joyousness glosses our eyes making them shine clear and bright
The sprightly energy we exude each day lasts until late into the night
Though we may see these things as strange, we know the feelings right

Melancholy days slowly fade as each year nears it’s eventful end
Naked branches giving the sign that there are things we have to tend
Each day children find a new world to share with family and friend
Their smiles never lessening on faces that are frozen from the wind

Leaves fall gently as feathers caught in a sleeping man’s exhalations
To cover the ground in a colorful mask hiding next year’s revelations
We smile at our children’s questions cause we have no explanations
Then quickly change the subject to focus their minds on the holiday preparations

Shadows shimmer on the multi-colored leaves of Christmas plants
Sitting aglow in light from the hearth as the flames flicker and dance
Unnoticed by children who listen to time tested stories as if in a trance
Grandfather smiles as he talks and gives everyone a knowing glance

Memories of holidays past return to our minds as snapshot images worn by age
Remaining untarnished through Christmas card visions illustrated on a page
The love shared by family embodies the spirit of the season in a myriad of ways
Including thoughts of those at home and abroad as we wish everyone a Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays

Lee P Butler

Copyright 2016 Lee P Butler. All Rights Reserved.