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The One Simple Word That Defines Why Democrats Continue To lose Elections

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The One Simple Word That Defines Why Democrats Continue To lose Elections 


At first, I decided that I would not delve into the multitude of reasons why, as of late, Democrats continue to lose elections, nationally and locally. Then as I examined the numerous essays on the subject from both the Right and the Left, I realized something profoundly obvious... no matter what you say about the issue, Liberal Democrats will never listen to what's being said.

Introspection is not in their vocabulary. Which, as Martha Stewart would say, is a 'good thing'.

The more research I peruse, the more I understand one fundamental aspect of this enigma. There is a one-word answer for what has happened to the Democrat Party and as America grows more prosperous and Americans become more fiscally self-reliant, the more poignant a harbinger that one-word answer will become for Democrats.

But first, let's take a look at some of the many two-word forerunners that help epitomize the Democrats spiral downward.

MoveOn.org: I am characterizing MoveOn as one word here as I'm sure they also intended it to be. Over time this website and the fanaticism it promotes has blatantly exemplified hate movements more than any other group in the last several years. The leaders of this organization such as; Al Gore and George Soros, have vilified people on the Right and anyone who they perceive to lean to the Right with an extremism that is second to no one.

Recently, they attacked their own Party in an email labeling them as, "professional election losers" and asserted that because of their fund-raising skills, "We bought it, we own it, we're going to take it back."

Peter Beinart of The New Republic wrote: "Consider MoveOn.org, which the online journal Salon has called 'the most important political advocacy group in democratic circles.' MoveOn was founded in the late 1990's to oppose Bill Clinton's impeachment. But it responded to Sept. 11 by opposing the war against the Taliban." He also wrote that they, 'questioned the need for greater CIA funding' and charged that the war on terrorism was, 'a menace to civil liberties and a distraction from domestic concerns. Like Michael Moore, it has minimized the al Qaeda threat'. In the end, they probably will own the Party.

Which leads us directly to these two-words, Michael Moore: From his first documentary, Roger and Me, Moore has attacked American liberty with an enthusiastic zeal that makes whale mating a more entertaining endeavor. In his world, Capitalism is akin to Communism, that is, with the exception of promoting his inane diatribes in books and at the theater. And in his 'hate America first' mentality, he prefers that we all languish in the superficiality of Canadian socialism. The L-sign he made at the RNC Convention may have been intended to mean 'loser', but it was really a clue to the one-word downfall of the Democrat Party.

Howard Dean: They're going to Alaska, and Alabama, and Arkansas... Yeeeaahhh.... and they're destroying the Democrat Party on the local level as they go. Now the Party that never listens and always attacks is being courted by the Vermont Screammeister himself and if the past is any indication, he will become the new Democrat Party Chairman. Say hello to the new boss, same as the old boss, just a little more to the Left and a lot louder.

Mr. Dean in his bid for the Chairmanship wrote, "We believe the path to a better future goes directly through our public schools. I have nothing against private schools, parochial schools and home schooling. Parents with the means and inclination should choose whatever they believe is best for their children. But those choices must never come at the expense of what has been -- and must always be -- the great equalizer in our society -- public education."

That's right people, in his mind, indoctrination is the key to societal evolution. Why if you just follow the conscription they mandate, you to will be... just like them! What's the sign, Mr. Moore?

Jesse Jackson: Even members of the African-American community who have been staunch supporters of the DNC in the past, now see Mr. Jackson as a negative for the Party. His borderline criminal shakedowns of corporate America, lavish lifestyle, and loss of morality with his illegitimate child and hush money for his lover have so tarnished his image that Al Sharpton has more validity in the DNC than Jackson does.

Now Jackson is fighting to maintain his role as voting conspiracy theorist from the 2000 election in Florida to the 2004 election in Ohio. Even John Kerry realized the futility of trying to rehash Al Gore's 'stealing the election' fiasco and conceded the election to President Bush. Yet Jackson keeps slogging along.

He contends, "We can live with losing an election. We cannot live with fraud and stealing." Jackson and his team of attorney's seem to think that it is improbable for local Democrats to do better than national Democrats, especially Kerry for President. Yet across the country, scenarios took place in just that fashion. In Florida, Democrat controlled counties actually carried Bush and that alone was enough for Democrats to lose their minds, so maybe Jackson will find them in the voting machines in Ohio.

Political cartoonist Gary Trudeau: His Doonesbury cartoon has gotten more reprehensible with each passing week. He has repeatedly portrayed President Bush as a dictator, smeared Condoleezza Rice with a racial epithet, and recently attacked Bush voters. His latest cartoon shows a reporter leaving for a new assignment he's angry about and describes as, "some dusty backwater with inedible food, an incomprehensible culture and hordes of hostile fundamentalists." His buddy asks if he's referring to Fallujah, to which the reporter replies, "No, no, some red state." Can you feel the compassion?

Maureen Dowd: This Leftist New York Times columnist is beloved by Democrats everywhere for her complete disgust for Conservative Republicans that just happen to include her own family who she describes as, 'beyond red -- more like crimson' and that listening to them talk about their Conservatism she's, 'tempted to stuff my ears with my mom's potato stuffing, or go off and read a book by David Sedaris about normal family life.'

Ignoring the 'normal family life' around her in which her family believes in God and has differing political views than she does, she has to read a book that she thinks better defines what constitutes a 'normal family'. She also admits in another column that she hates Christmas and thinks her mother is crazy for listening, 'to a radio station that plays carols 24/7 all month'. Yeah, we 'red state' people are the crazy ones.

In the end, there is a long list of two-word examples that best exemplify why Democrats are losing elections, but since they cannot fathom the possibility that the reason is reflected back at them every time they look in the mirror, it's much easier to define the answer in one simple word.


Lee P Butler

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