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The Conservative Mandate For America Was Ratified On November 2, 2004

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The Conservative Mandate For America Was Ratified On November 2, 2004 

Democrats just can’t let it go. Their hatred for President Bush and the seething rage they allowed to steep within themselves over the 2000 election has finally come to a steaming boil that is more explosively eruptive than Mount Saint Helen’s recent volcanic activity.

In the post-election days following John Kerry’s concession speech... that was hailed by the elite media as a magnanimous gesture of conciliation towards the American people...Democrats have gone on a tirade of sore loser vitriol not seen since Susan from the first Survivor and has repeated the disclaimer that this election didn’t give the President a ‘mandate’ more times than John Kerry echoed during the campaign that he ‘had a plan’.

Democrats are now doing what they have always done when faced with the reality that the world doesn't revolve around them and their convoluted misconceptions of what constitutes decency. In stead of accepting the message and trying to understand what they are being told, they fight it and start attacking the messenger.

Take, for instance, some of the less abrasive acts of aggression that have been made public since Election Day where some Democrats were reduced to blaming the youth in this country for their own failings. Hunter S. Thompson deplored, "I feel like somebody died," then he went on to say the election was, "another failure of the youth vote. Yeah, we rocked the vote all right. Those little bas----s betrayed us again."

Remember, these same Democrats were asserting before the election that it would be the youth who 'made a difference' as to our future in this historic election. Now the kids are back to being the miscreants Democrats always knew they were.

"I was a little reckless with my comments, to be honest," said P. Diddy. "I shouldn't have said that until I felt that there was somebody that could be better for my people." What did he say for which he suddenly felt sorry? While he and other groups were trying to 'get out the vote' he was telling audiences they had to kick the President's "a$$ out of office." During his moment of contemplative melancholy he continued, "Instead of attacking Bush, it would be better to light a flame under young Americans and let them make the decisions." That is, if the little bas----s would just vote the way Democrats tell them too!

Paul Krugman said, "Yes, Democrats need to make it clear that they support personal virtue, that they value fidelity, responsibility, honesty, and faith." Why do Democrats need to 'make it clear' that they fully support those values? Have Democrats not been able to somehow articulate that message? Or is it that Democrats think we are just too dumb to get it?

The answer is that both are probably true. But once again, instead of understanding why they are viewed the way they are, Democrats go on the attack and blame Republicans for distorting the image of the Left in this country. Republicans don't have to distort the Democrat party's image; Democrats do that just fine by themselves.

Across the board, Democrats are out of touch with the American heartland and the fundamentals of everyday life they hold dear. The military, the gay rights issue, abortion, gun rights, taxes, you name it, it is almost exclusively Democrats who are pushing an agenda that goes against the family values of the average American.

And in lieu of altering their perception on these topics they ratchet up their rhetoric in attacking Republicans. Take, for instance, the issue of late term abortion; or partial-birth abortion, where the President signed legislation that banned the procedure.

It is one of the most heinous, disgusting, vile procures man has ever devised and I have yet to meet a man or a woman who thinks this procedure should be utilized. Yet Democrats fought to keep it viable before the legislation to ban it was signed and continue to fight to make it lawful again. They also attacked the President for signing the ban by charging that he was somehow 'trying to ban abortion (better known as killing innocent, unborn babies)'.

These Democrats simply thought Americans were too stupid to understand that what they were saying didn't make sense. The majority of the American public did not want this procedure to be legal... many did not even know that babies bodies were being pulled into the world and then had their brains sucked out 'aborting' them because women's rights groups who supported the procedure never fully explained what it entailed and knew it would be banned; the way it was, if they did find out.

The head of the National Gay and Lesbian Task force, Matt Foreman, said, "The Right wing was indeed energized. I would be too if I shared their 'values'. The Bush administration has catered to their every request and fed them tons of red meat- abstinence-only-until-marriage 'sex education', the Faith Based Initiative, the ban on late term abortion, restrictions on overseas contraception programs, the ban on stem cell research, and yes, gay marriage."

Understand, Mr. Foreman was upset that Democrats were using the gay marriage issue as the reason one in five voters said 'moral values' was the basis for their vote. Just looking over his statement you see many of the issues Democrats have attacked Republicans for and even he misrepresented the Republican position on many of them.

Republicans don't support abstinence-only-until-marriage 'sex education'; they promote that as being the best way for young people to protect themselves from diseases and unwanted pregnancies. But trying to explain that to Liberal Democrats is futile, isn't it?

Bill Clinton even chimed in that Democrats, "need a clear national message, and they have to do this without one big advantage the Republicans have, which is they won't have a theological message that basically paints the other guy as evil," he said.
Republicans haven't painted Democrats as evil...as a matter of fact, it has been the Democrats who have called Bush: the Devil, terrorist, evil, a gang leader, rapist, liar, you name it... It is Democrats themselves who have tried to banish 'under God' from the Pledge of Allegiance, don't want children praying in school, and have constantly spewed vitriol at Republicans by demonizing the Christian Coalition and labeling Republicans as right-wing religious fanatics. Look in the mirror, Bill...That's why Democrats keep losing elections!

And finally we end with Democrat charges that the President wasn't given a mandate on Election Day. Washington Post columnist E.J. Dionne Jr. pontificated that, "51-48 percent victory is not a mandate. Even Democrats have talked about their party being confined to an 'enclave.' Enclave? Blue America includes the entire Northeast, all of the West Coast but for Alaska, and much of the upper Midwest."

To Liberal Democrats, those are the only parts of the country that truly matter anyway, but looking at those areas of the country from the county perspective you get a much different story. In the state of Pennsylvania, for example, Kerry actually only won in thirteen counties... 13 COUNTIES OUT OF 67... and those thirteen counties dictated to the rest of the state that Kerry would get Pennsylvania's electoral votes.

The elitist, pseudo-intellectual Liberal Mr. Dionne just can't comprehend that constitutes an enclave in a state that is almost entirely... RED! President Bush can drive from the East coast to the West coast without ever driving through a blue county, John Kerry nor even Al Gore in 2000 can say they can do that.

President Bush was handed a mandate and it started back in the eighties when Republican's began to get the Conservative message across to the American electorate. Family, church, education, and patriotism are the cornerstones of that ideology and it resonates like nothing else throughout this country.

Either you're with us or you're against us. The mandate was ratified on November 2, 2004.

Lee P Butler

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