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Liberal Democrat Illusionists' Best Campaign Trick: Conservative Democrats

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Liberal Democrat Illusionists' Best Campaign Trick: Conservative Democrats 


“I see it as a spiritual divide between true believers and seculars,” said Neil E. Kulp, pastor of First Baptist Church in Allentown, Pa. “I think we as a nation are more divided now than we were just prior to the Civil War,” Kulp said.

The assertion that Democrats are less religiously minded, even secular, has gradually been eroding their base over the years and is chafing the nerves of many Democrat leaders. “It is very raw and very polarizing,” said Mike McCurry, a spokesman for Sen. John Kerry's campaign and an active Methodist. “God is not aligned on one side of the political spectrum.”

No, God is not aligned with one side or the other, but one side… the Democrat Left…has increasingly taken stances that are clearly aligned with denouncing God. That statement is a perfect example of how Liberal political pundits who find themselves in trouble because of their ideology, spin an issue so that it detracts from the substance of the argument.

As they spin issues in an attempt to obfuscate their records, across the country Democrat candidates are finding it harder to connect with their constituency. In the process a glaring hypocrisy has crept into their rhetoric and many of these Democrats now claim to be…Conservative!

Just look at the new Democrat savior on the block from Illinois who was the only positive for Democrats at the DNC Convention, Barrack Obama. "Abraham Lincoln once said the reason we form a government is because there are some things we can do better collectively than we do individually," Obama said. He also asserts that he's willing to work with Republicans and Democrats alike.

Did he use Abraham Lincoln because he was a Republican to prove his point?

In North Carolina Democrats almost across the board are campaigning as the ‘Conservative’ candidates. Republican Senatorial candidate Richard Burr’s opponent, Erskine Bowles, assures his constituents that he will work across the aisle with Republicans, because he is a ‘different kind of Democrat’.

This was the same assertion made by the previous failed Democrat Senator (John Edwards) who, while in Washington, embraced Liberalism and effectively turned his back on North Carolinians in the process and is now using the same ‘bait and switch’ tactic across the country with Americans.

District eight Republican incumbent Robin Hayes' opponent, Beth Troutman, is campaigning as a 'Conservative' candidate, yet unlike Burr's opponent who hides from his Clinton connection, she actually invited one of Hollywood's biggest Liberal activists to the state to speak on behalf of her and a fellow Democrat running for a state office.

North Carolina’s current Democrat Governor said in 2000, " When it comes to budget and taxes, my main priorities will be lessening the burden on working families....", as he tried to espouse Conservative values to get elected, then once he was in office showed his true nature, raised taxes over 1.5 billion dollars and nefariously confiscated collected sales tax revenue from local municipalities.

In South Dakota, Tom Daschle is running for re-election in a campaign that appears could derail his political future. Trying to gain some footing he ran a campaign ad that showed him hugging President Bush. Daschle is one of the most Liberal Senators in the history of the United States and is the President’s main ‘obstructionist’ Senator. Yet even he feels that he can only win if the constituency in his state sees him ‘embracing’ Conservatism.

We are constantly being bombarded by the elite media with the notion that African-Americans who are predominantly Democrat only voted for President Bush in the 2000 election by a total of 8 percent as they have intended to prove how far removed from Republicans minorities have become than they were in the past.

That has now been reduced to rhetorical sophistry as recent poll numbers show that percentage has risen to 19 percent support this election year for the President, who Democrats charge has ‘divided‘ the country and ‘left behind‘ minorities. Would the reason for this be the fact that African-Americans are actually doing better economically than the elite media reports or that they are even more devoutly against gay marriage than whites?

Barrack Obama and Bill Cosby have both gone on record purporting to the African-American community that for their people to excel forward and be successful in the future they need to start utilizing three major components of Conservatism… church, school, and family. Something that’s been sorely lacking from the leaders the elite media champions.

Hawaii has now come into contention for Republicans, especially President Bush, and he could become the first Republican Presidential candidate to win that state in two decades. Democrats from that state are clamoring that they have to become more energized in the Filipino community to rectify this problem.


Because that community is mostly Conservative and polls show that they will overwhelmingly vote for President Bush by a margin of 56 percent. Since they know touting Liberalism won’t win the Filipino vote for the Democrat candidates they have co-opted the Conservative agenda.

This striking phenomenon is wide spread and becoming even more predominant throughout the country in an almost countless number of election races. Even in the 2000 election, the country was almost entirely red when colored to represent the two parties vote count either by district or county with red being Republican and blue being Democrat.

The majority of candidates are running campaigns that will garner votes from these ‘local’ areas and the necessity of the candidates is to connect with the constituencies who reside there. For Democrats to win in areas that are red, they have to get the people to at least believe for the election that they are ‘Conservative’ in their ideology.

What voters have to realize is that if they want to be represented by a Conservative, they should not fall for the mendacity of Liberal Democrat illusionists who purport to be Conservative on the campaign trail to get elected and simply cut out them out of the loop by voting Republican on election day.

Lee P Butler

Copyright 2016 Lee P Butler. All Rights Reserved.