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*The Truly Evil Genius Of Karl Rove

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 Or the Wizard of Oz as some political pundits would otherwise refer to him. Although it has been perpetuated many times in the elite media that it is Vice President Dick Cheney who is the true ‘puppet master’, there have been countless stories documenting the machinations of the ever calculating political strategist, Karl Rove.

Any time a political maneuver is utilized by any Republican that just levels a Democrat politician, why it’s off to the races in the press about how that wily Mr. Rove was the brains behind the offensive. In a recent edition of Newsweek, they ran a picture of Mr. Rove sitting at a desk talking on the phone.

The photo was taken from the hallway, so the shot looked as though the photographer had secretively captured him planning a subversive attack. The caption with the picture mentioned that he was sitting just under the floor of where the president spoke to his audience in Madison Square Garden...and there sat the Wizard....plotting and scheming.

And as history and DNC Chairman Terry McCauliffe tells us, almost a week later it’s obvious his plans and schemes came to fruition as the fiery flames from the deep dark depths of Hades has risen to scorch the very hide of CBS Evening News Anchorman ‘The Dan’ Rather.

That shrewd political strategist handed the DNC a dirty bomb so radioactive the DNC apparently passed the ‘hot potato’ off to the Kerry campaign, who also realized how explosive it was, so they passed it to CBS. While in the midst of their own media meltdown after the enormously successful RNC convention...kudos for this are also supposed to go to Mr. Rove...just couldn’t detect anything wrong with the story.

That chain of events was laid out perfectly in an excellent article in the American Spectator, but the clarification of the mastermind behind the plot was revealed by none other than Mr. McCauliffe, who was quickly denouncing any involvement by the DNC. The culprit, McCauliffe explained, was adviser Rove.

“I can unequivocally say that no one involved here at The Democratic National Committee had anything at all to do with any of those documents,” McCauliffe said. “If I were a young journalist, I think I would ask Karl Rove that question.” Asked later what he meant by that accusation, McCauliffe added, “I am telling you that nobody-Democratic National Committee or groups associated with us- were involved in any way with these documents. I am saying I would ask Karl Rove the same question.”

While Terry McCauliffe was pointing the finger at Karl Rove like a grade school tattle-tale...in the South we have an old saying about the bit dog is always the one that barks...he never did quite explain how President Bush benefited from ‘The Dan’ displaying forged documents on national television that were meant to discredit the President’s National Guard service.

Ah...but then, doesn’t that just exemplify the evil genius of Mr. Rove. It’s not about the hand that you do see, it’s about what’s going on under the table...or under the floor of Madison Square Garden...you don’t see that’s really important.

In the calculated topsy-turvy world of political espionage, what’s being said may not be what’s really happening and according to Democrats no one is better at the political sleight of hand than Karl Rove. The Swift Boat Veterans couldn’t have devised such an astounding attack on John Kerry’s military service by themselves. That, too, had to be orchestrated by Mr. Rove.

So thinking three steps ahead as Mr. Rove often is when he is manipulating the next offensive against the Democrats, who were doing nothing more than simply minding their own business as they work to help the poor and unfortunate in our society while protecting working people from the mean corporate loving, environment destroying, gun-toting Republicans, Mr. Rove decided to pull a ‘fast one’ over on old ‘The Dan’ Rather.

Mr. Rove must have anticipated that ‘The Dan’ would have gone for the ‘cheese’ in his trap that were the forged documents, because as has been speculated many times, most of the mainstream media has been and continue to carry John Kerry’s water for him.

Of course, Mr. Rove couldn’t allow the evidence of this ingenious scheme to be linked back to him or the RNC, so he ‘let’ the Democrats have the forged papers to do with them whatever they pleased. Supposedly, the other networks looked over the documents and passed on them because they smelled a rat. We now know that big ol’ rat took the bait and swallowed it all down himself and is now crying because his belly aches.

“This story is true,” ‘The Dan’ bemoaned when questioned about the subject. “The questions we raised about then-Lieutenant Bush’s National Guard service are serious and legitimate.” The charges were so ‘serious and legitimate’ that the biggest rat on the block pushed the trap to the side for someone else to take the bait.

All the while, Mr. Rove watches on as his master plan plays like a symphony orchestra. One by one his schemes topple the columns of the establishment media, causing the liberal bastion to crumble around them, leaving the Democrat party with no place to champion their causes. And there is nothing they can do to stop it.

Hey, looky there, Clinton and Kerry claim Republicans are racist and the elite media will probably produce documents to prove their points.

Wait a minute...oh, the evil genius of Karl Rove is relentless!

Lee P Butler

Copyright 2016 Lee P Butler. All Rights Reserved.