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Calvin's Snowmen

August 16, 2004
George W. Bush added several seconds of footage from the tragedy on 9-11 to one of his early campaign videos and the liberal media went ballistic. Editorials from coast to coast slammed his insensitivity of the event and the surviving family members pain.

Democrats attacked him claiming he was exploiting the event for political gain. Why, how dare he try and capitalize politically by playing on the emotional attachment American voters have with 9-11. Morning shows lambasted his supposed audacity.

Yet today, the media is strangely silent. You see, a perceived exploitation of the tragedy of September 11, 2001 on the part of President Bush, Conservatives, or Republicans in general will touch off a maelstrom of ire from leftist political pundits and will then be exacerbated by the elite media, but an actual manipulation of American’s emotional involvement of that day by Liberals or Democrats is perfectly acceptable.

America hating Michael Moore got the ball rolling by using the now infamous video in his propaganda film attacking the President, of Ari Fleisher whispering something into the ear of President Bush about the attack on America while the President sat reading with a classroom full of children.

The fallacy being promoted by this incident is that the President didn’t immediately jump to action, but instead remained calm, allowing the children to finish their book and that seven minutes of inaction shows a weakness on his part or more to the point of their accusation, he demonstrated an ineptitude they have always claimed he possessed.

This fallcious posturing has little to do with reality and is filled with as many holes as a chunk of swiss cheese.The same people who continue to belabor the President rushed to war in Iraq now want everyone to accept the mendacious concept that he didn’t rush fast enough on 9-11.

Have these people ever heard of the saying that cool heads always prevail?

More importantly, what was it exactly that the President could have done in that seven minute span of time that would have changed..altered..stopped..or prevented the planes from landing the eventual devastation history now proves they did? Was he supposed to take the secret code from his brief case and detonate a nuclear attack on Manhattan?

Their contention then falls to the argument that it’s not about what he could have done. It’s just the act of him not doing anything for those seven minutes. This despite the fact that the principal of the school, Gwen Tose’-Rigell, an African-American, life-long female Democrat, said, “To be able to hold it togeher, to come up with a response, to keep the kids calm and calmly say what he had to say, that’s a lot on your shoulders,” because he didn’t needlessly upset the children, but calmly finished with them, then addressed the nation about the incident in the school’s library.

The principal’s son was also there that day and the eleven year old added, “I think that because this has happened, all the lives of our classmates have been changed forever. We’re going to be in the history books.” That dream has since been destroyed by Moore, Kerry, and the DNC because they have now decided to exploit the tragedy for purely political expediency and have forever tainted that moment as being a failure.

Using the moment to try and help further Kerry’s political career, he was asked by a reporter what he would have done given that situation. He responded condescendingly, “I would have told those kids very politely and nicely that the president of the United States had something that he needed to attend to. And I would have attended to it.” Making sure the cameras recorded him from all angles as he dramatically recited his prose in an award-winning, show-stopping fashion.

Right about then I’m guessing he would have ran to the nearest phone booth, donned his Superman costume, and flown to New York, Pennsylvania, and Washington D.C. to save the day! The next thing he’ll start telling us is that those WWJD bumper stickers really stand for, ‘What Would John(Kerry) Do!’

Now Bill Maher, who suffers from a severe case of cranial rectal disease, is on the ‘Bush didn’t do anything for seven minutes’ bandwagon. Doesn’t any of these people see the blatant futility in this stupefying exercise or does it have more to do with the reality that they just don’t care. Democrats are known for their utterances of mendacious sophistry, but manipulating 9-11 for political gain should be considered going beyond the pale. Not in the mainstream media when you’re refering to Democrats!

They not only haven’t denounced this tactic, but have actually promoted it.

Kerry wants the U.N. to help America decide on any future plans of action concerning the war on terror, including our national security interests, yet also wants us to believe that at a moments notice he would ride a mighty stallion into heart of evil’s lair and slay the dragon with his chivalrous sword.

And collect a few purple hearts as he’s doing it. By the way, how much do those silver stars cost..what about gold, Teresa’s buying.

More than three thousand innocent, dead Americans don’t need Kerry’s vociferous, nonsensical musings used as an attempt to gain political advantage eroding the significance of their sacrifice that day or it’s importance to historical perspective. Seven minutes one way or the other will never bring them back.

Calling plays after the game is over is for Monday mornings by the water cooler, and isn’t a plausible strategy for national security.
Lee P Butler

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