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We Don't Need A Recount: Americans Voted With Their Remote Controls

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America voted with their remote controls during the Republican convention week...the numbers don't lie.




FOXNEWS peak came during Laura Bush's speech with 5,216,000 viewers... [5,124,000 during Schwarzenegger]...


We Don't Need A Recount: Americans Voted With Their Remote Controls


As Democrat Presidential hopeful Senator John Kerry approached the podium on the stage at the Democratic National Convention, the Nielsen ratings were plummeting just as they had on the first two nights of the three one hour national broadcasts. Each night saw a catastrophic ratings drop of at least five points in television viewer ship on all three networks.

Which begs the question...why?

The easy answer is that most Americans have become even more despondent towards the body politic that governs our country and have very little patience for discerning the truth among the rhetoric. But alas, I must digress, because this would be much to easy an out for the Democrats right now.

Understanding liberals and the elite media that champions their cause is essential in dissecting the mentality that propels these people and institutions into the political arena where liberals consider themselves ‘righteous’ and ‘supreme’ over the brain dead hate mongers that constitute Conservatism.

Although everyday Americans reluctantly cast themselves into bouts of political sparring, they do have a visceral grasp of what benefits them individually and as an assemblage. So when given the opportunity to voice their opinion without having to actually parry a political jab, they took advantage of the occasion and turned off their televisions or turned the channel.

Doing this was easier than going to the voting precinct and casting a ballot. It took even less thought and absolutely no stress. Voting with your remote control in this manner is one of the reasons liberals hate FoxNews as much as they do, because their ratings help to solidify the fact that Conservatives are as numerous as we are.

As each Democrat took the stage and began voicing their mental meanderings, it became more and more apparent that this convention was to be more a facade than a true airing of political beliefs in a convoluted arrangement that was intended to fool Americans into thinking their extremist core values aren’t as far out of the American main stream as everyone knows them to be.

But it is too late now for them to attempt to pull a ‘bait and switch’ routine on the American electorate and the Nielsen ratings are a testimony to that fact.

The low ratings could have been even worse for them because their tactic of telling all the speakers to hold back on the ‘attack Bush’ rhetoric they’ve enamored themselves with lately would have been a complete failure, but for the fact that Carter, Clinton, Sharpton and most of the speakers still went on the attack, just simply left out the President’s name. Good one!

Edwards claimed they’d give tax cuts to working families to help them pay for their children’s college education, but has yet to explain just how that’ll work exactly when President Bush’s tax cuts have already reduced millions of those families tax burden to zero. You can’t cut a tax expenditure that doesn’t exist. Maybe he was thinking of funds he would get from suing more doctors.

Kerry crowed about his short tenure in Vietnam and paraded the swift boat crewmates who support him, but has not been able to hide the fact that only 2 of his 23 fellow commanders from Coastal Division 11 support him today and the book detailing this story is already #2 on Amazon. Clinton may want to ride the ship manned by Kerry, but it seems his ship may have already sailed.

Al Sharpton growled that he would ride that donkey as far as it would take him, probably from one side of his forty acres to the other, but somebody should point out for him that elephants are bigger, stronger, faster, smarter, and can carry more weight farther than his beloved donkey.

Ten years ago liberals were being advocated by the main stream media as having taken full control of the American mindset because their ‘Great White Hope’, Bill Clinton was president and the fact that he had defeated the torturous 12 year regime of the war mongering, divisive, hate peddling Republican party corroborated their argument. As they continued to belabor that point, Republicans were taking control of the House, Senate, Governorships, and eventually the White House again.

Even though Gore won the national vote, George W. Bush carried at least five states in which he won every district in those states, something no Democrat can boast and Gore even lost the electorate in his home state.

Now those same liberals, with help from the elite media, continue to remind everyone how ‘evenly divided’ the country is along party lines and how ‘close’ this election will be. What that really means is that Americans now more than ever consider themselves Conservative and support the Republican party, so liberals have to paint a different picture of reality.

That’s the whole basis for the liberal political mindset, try and fool as many people as you can into believing one thing, when they know reality to be something else entirely. Recent examples of this are: Joe Wilson’s Niger report, Richard Clarke’s book, Michael Moore’s movie, and the Democrat National Convention.

Senator Edwards urged the crowd of Democrats to, “embrace the politics of hope,” because hope is the only thing they have left in Al Gore’s lock box to bring the American electorate back into their fold. The actual election won’t take place until November, but the numbers may have already come in on television sets across the country.

Lee P Butler

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