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*Senate Committee Discredits Bush Attackers With No Media Outrage
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Senate Committee Discredits Bush Attackers With No Media Outrage


Now that the Senate Select Committee on Intelligence has released it’s report, hailstones as big as bowling balls have been falling throughout Washington DC. The most striking devastation, to many people’s chagrin, hasn’t taken place in the White House, but everywhere else in the belt way.

Many of the people who have vilified the president and made millions of dollars attacking him through the media in books, movies, and news reports have now been soundly discredited by the very investigative committees they claimed would vindicate their assertions.

Which begs the question, how could these individuals have been so misguided? Was their visceral hatred for the president and his administration so blinding that they would intentionally misrepresent collected data, skewing the facts just so they could attack him? Or was it that the supposed iron clad evidence they boasted was really just flawed or assumed information?

The report filed by the Senate committee did find that some of the evidence on which the attackers were basing their assaults was confirmed to be either faulty or non-existent, but that doesn’t help people like Richard Clarke or Joe Wilson who were made super stars by the main stream media as they attacked the president with their mendacious bluster and have been proven to be libelous.

Richard Clarke was complacent when he stated emphatically on 60 Minutes, “There’s absolutely no evidence that Iraq was supporting al Qaeda. Ever.” Yet there are sixty-six pages in the report listed under the title ‘Iraq’s Links to Terrorism’ which cites many sources where Iraq worked with al Qaeda in areas such as combat, bomb-making capabilities, and different training methods in the use of chemical, biological, radiological, and nuclear materials. It also refers to clandestine sources who reported that, “direct meetings between senior Iraqi representatives and top al Qaeda operatives took place from early 1990’s to the present,” which would have been January 2003.

Is Clarke culpable of lying or was he just out of the loop of information as was originally suggested when he generated his whirlwind in the media? Either way, the self-proclaimed unbiased media sharpened their knives on the whetstone of his attacks on the president without ever giving credence to the possibility that he was grinding his own ax.

Then there is Ambassador Joe Wilson. This story of ‘yellowcake’ uranium is so radioactive it’s turned into a full blown mushroom cloud. The headlines that spontaneously erupted across the nation spurred by his fallacious editorial in the New York Times shouted, ‘The President Lied’. They ran with his story even though you could smell the rotten fish through the newspaper it was wrapped in.

After President Bush made reference in his State of the Union address to British intelligence that Iraq had sought to buy yellowcake uranium from Niger, Wilson wrote in the Times and repeated on every news show with a camera that he had investigated the claim in Niger and that the event never happened, therefore the president was a liar. He also told a Washington Post reporter that documents presented at the time by the administration showing discussions of trade with Niger for uranium and that one of the traders was in fact Iraq, were forged.

The Senate Select Committee berated Wilson when they discovered this, because not only was it not true, Wilson had never even seen the CIA documents he said were forgeries! He then claimed he may have misspoken. Maybe it just depends on what the meaning of the word is..is!

A British investigative report that detailed an investigation of Prime Minister Tony Blair’s intelligence apparatus has since been released. It was conducted by a committee headed by Lord Butler; cool name, who is a retired civil servant confirmed that the British intelligence surrounding the yellowcake incident was in fact credible and accurate.

But we didn’t need a British report to tell us that, because Wilson himself wrote in his book that a covert agent had told him about an incident involving Iraq and the possible transaction of a uranium deal with Niger. The man who approached the African official was non other than Iraq’s Information Minister, ‘Baghdad Bob’.

The president didn’t lie as Joe Wilson had charged and even that was proven at the time because the president’s statement was based on British intelligence, which we now know to have been factually accurate. Wilson finally claimed that the intelligence he had garnered while in Niger was not ‘credible’, so he dismissed it. That doesn’t rectify his equivocation that nothing ever happened and don’t expect the main stream media to print a retraction about this issue either. They can smell what’s cookin’ and it ain’t grilled tuna!

The Bush administration; especially Karl Rove, was vehemently attacked in the press over the issue of Wilson’s wife. She was a CIA official who was reportedly ‘outed’ as she was identified by name in a column by Robert Novak who reported she had used her position to get Wilson appointed to the Niger investigation.

Wilson asserted that his wife was 'undercover' and that someone in the administration had given her name to Novak as retaliation over his attacks of the president's veracity and he repeatedly alleged that she had never recommended him for the Niger investigation.

During the investigation the intelligence committee presented Wilson with a memo from his wife in which she 'offered up his name' for assignment to Niger. Faced with this damaging evidence, he once again changed his story by saying she didn't make the decision to actually send him. Wilson is now an advisor to the Kerry campaign.

If the media isn't biased towards President Bush, then why were the mendacious accusations of these people amplified when they were attacking him, but when their charges are proven wrong that same media simply ignores the information exists?

Lee P Butler

Copyright 2016 Lee P Butler. All Rights Reserved.