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*When Democrats Attack: A Vast Left-Wing Conspiracy?

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Calvin's Snowmen

 July 12, 2004

     Senator Hillary Clinton once complained about the ‘vast right-wing conspiracy’ that she claimed was haranguing her and her family. She announced in January of 1998 on the ‘Today’ show while denying allegations of her husbands marital philandering, “The great story here for anybody willing to find it, write about it and explain it is this vast right-wing conspiracy that has been conspiring against my husband since the day he announced for president.”
     The problem with her accusation is that she attempted to equate politics as usual with some sinister conspiracy that was being generated by conservatives. Politicians of every stripe level accusations against each other regularly and Americans fully understand that in the political world simply being investigated for taking part in questionably illegal or unmoral activities does not constitute a conspiracy.
     What her and her husband were mostly complaining about was not that republicans were bringing allegations against them, but that the media would have the unmitigated audacity to turn against them and perpetuate those charges.
     But even during the Clinton’s most nightmarish moments in the White House, they could never boast the full scale onslaught of politically motivated assaults the current administration and republicans in general are enduring. Put aside the constant lamenting from members of Congress with political opposition to the President’s policies and the stereotypical didactic rants of elite media editorialists.
     No, the level of anti-Bush vitriol has gone well beyond that. There are at least 97 books currently on sale at Amazon.com that specifically assail George W. Bush. These aren’t light hearted ditties that just disagree with his policies or republican ideology in general. These are books with titles such as: The Bush-Haters handbook, or The I Hate George W Bush Reader: Why Dubya Is Wrong About Absolutely Everything, or The Three Little Pigs Buy The White House and come from the party that claims to be open-minded and filled with nothing but good will.
     Twenty-four hour cable news channel FoxNews is routinely lambasted as being, ‘the mouth piece of the White House’. Why? Because they actually have the gall to allow the viewpoint of conservatives to be heard in an attempt to ‘balance’ the liberal chatter that dominates our daily mainstream news. The fact is FoxNews channel promotes as much admittedly liberal rhetoric as it does conservative and they openly admit to doing it!
     In a June survey done by the Pew Research Center only 7% of journalists described themselves as conservative compared to 34% who identified themselves as liberal. That’s an astounding ideological filter through which our news has to pass, especially when you consider many liberals won't admit to being liberal. Just ask Senators' Kerry and Edwards.
     Yet that information has no effect on groups like Moveon.org. This Political Action Committee was created by liberal democrats and is supported by the likes of Al Gore, John Kerry, and the Hollywood left for no other apparent reason that to bash conservatives.
     In July they plan to promote a second polemic produced by Rober Greenwald titled, ‘Outfoxed’ by having a ‘house party’. The idea behind this fiasco is, “to plan out how we’ll take on Fox [News] and take back our media.” Liberals don’t like FoxNews because by becoming the number one cable news channel, liberals can no longer deny that conservatives exist in large numbers, that we are not the demons they’ve always painted us as, and that we finally have a network that isn’t feeding us news with an exclusively leftist slant.
     Why the world’s coming to an end! What, did you think the Armageddon crowd had fallen by the wayside after President Reagan left office? No, they’re back with a vengeance, because it’s now, ‘The Day After Tomorrow”. This is a major motion picture of environmental propaganda so over-the-top that even Moveon.org says it’s more, “science fiction than science fact.” Yet they make no bones about promoting the movie as being a direct attack on the president and his environmental policies and even pointedly depict the president and vice president negatively in the movie.
     Even though actual scientists say that scenes showing temperature drops of 100 degrees an hour in Canada and bowling ball size hailstones in Japan are phenomena that’s physically impossible, Al Gore championed the movie as proving that, “The Bush-Cheney administration has worked very hard to create the false impression that the scientific community is unsure whether this is a serious problem or not.” Hello!
     Another propagandist theatrical release from Hollywood attacking president Bush is the award winning, twinkle toed meandering of Michael Moore’s, ‘Fahrenheit 9-11’? Why there’s not enough fairy dust in Disneyland to rectify the blatant disregard for the truth this movie advances. There’s already a multitude of websites dedicated to nothing more than clarifying the movie’s immeasurable misrepresentations and more of his anti-American rhetoric is coming to light every day. Even Tom Daschle is now disavowing himself from having ‘hugged’ Moore at the movie’s premiere. How many movies were made about Hillary and her husband as part of her ‘conspiracy theory’?
     CBS entered the fray by producing a disgustingly distasteful and wholly inaccurate movie about former president Ronald Reagan who lay dying in California with Alzheimer’s. As parts of the movie began to be discredited and the producers relied more and more on the cover of ‘creative license’, CBS buckled to public pressure and sold the movie to Showtime, who saw no problem with airing it.
     This full out frontal assault on conservative republicans through hate has risen above rhetoric and it has trumped reasoned discourse like never before. It has been a never-ending deluge of bombast that conservatives could label a vast left-wing conspiracy.
     Instead, we just call it another day in the country we love, America. Popcorn anyone?

Lee P Butler

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