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"So yesterday President Bush and Vice President Dick Cheney met with the 9/11 Commission. This meeting was held in the Oval Office and no recording was made of what took place.  The president answered every question, and was not stopped at any point by the White House counsel.  All sides (so far) are praising the session and commission members have said the president was candid and forthcoming. The questions and the answers that have leaked have been pretty predictable...mostly about the August 6th PDB memo and the administration's response to the attacks.  If the media, Democrats in Congress and The Poodle thought they were going to get anything out of this to nail Bush on, they're sorely mistaken.  Better luck next time, though. The media is most certainly disappointed as well.

There was one pretty unbelievable development in all this.  The 9/11 Commission pressed for weeks and weeks to meet with the president and the vice-president.  It absolutely had to happen, we were told, for them to complete their report. It was a very important priority.  So with that as a backdrop, once they get their meeting in the Oval Office with the president, what do two of the Democrats on the commission do?  They leave early!  Vice chairman Lee Hamilton left the White House 70 minutes early, saying that he had a meeting with the Canadian Prime Minister.  Bob Kerrey also left in the middle of the questioning, because he had a previous commitment to meet with Senator Pete Domenici on Capitol Hill.  Why did they leave early?  They left early because they weren't drawing any blood.  They left early because the president was performing above all expectations.  They left early because their agenda was not to gather information, but to embarrass the president.  So .. .if your agenda isn't being met, leave!

Unbelievable.  These two men were appointed to a committee to investigate the historic 9/11 attacks on America, and they can't even clear their schedules to meet with the president of the United States."

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