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Several issues concerning conservatives have been misrepresented in the media lately and the rhetoric thats been promoted by this group of liberals has been so one-sided it would be laughable if the issues werent so serious.

For a second year in a row UNC Berkeley, sorry, Chapel Hill has once again created a cloud of controversy with their freshman summer reading selection, Barbara Ehrenreichs novel Nickel and Dimed. The book was written by a rich woman who went out and worked in the public sector so she would know what its like to actually work for a living.

Supporters of this book selection argue that what theyre trying to do is offer students ideas that will make them think. Think about what? Most of these young adults come from working families and already know more than they ever wanted to know about being poor and the last thing they need is a book to intimate the idea for them.

The simple answer is that this selection along with last years book, Supporting The Quran by Michael Sells, are little more than back-handed slaps at the President by the liberal professors who made the choices. Last year the Islamic religion was a hot-button issue where liberals attacked the Bush administration almost daily because of what they deemed an unjust smear campaign against Muslims, especially in America. John Ashcroft was at the center of their attacks where he was bombarded with their fire and brimstone over the Patriot Act and hes still facing a trial by fire on this issue today.

While UNC Chapel Hill denies any attempt on their part of a possible liberal indoctrination of incoming freshmen, The Charlotte Observer has offered to send a list of book selections chosen by conservatives to UNC Chancellor James Moeser, whos had to deal with a trial by fire of his own for defending these book choices. The irony of this saga is that as the Observer pats itself on the back for trying to help those poor, unfortunately close-minded conservatives and their inability to see the positive in a liberal world view, the paper should realize that a newspaper shouldnt have to offer conservative reading alternatives to the school if it really wasnt promoting prejudice!

Then there is the issue of politicians who are pushing to allow cheaper drugs to be purchased by Americans, especially the elderly, from foreign countries where these drugs are produced at a lower cost and without any restrictions, qualifications, guidelines, or safeguards to protect consumers from risk.

Lets see, folks want to buy drugs that are more affordable, yet are less expensive because they have been produced in foreign countries where the cost of labor is cheap, little concern is given to the environment, and there are no health risk protections. Sounds familiar, doesnt it?

Those same people complain about the lost jobs in the Textile sector, which is the giant sucking sound Americans were warned about in the early Nineties and was created by companies who found that Americans wanted cheaper clothing so created jobs overseas to accomplish that goal and in the process put Americans out of work.

Will the next big lost job crisis come from the drug manufacturing market? It may have already started folks and if it has, President Bust will get the blame because of his ties to the oil industrywait, no his ties to the healthcare industrywait, that was the Clinton administration. Just remember, you may get what you wish forcheaper drugs and no jobs to provide an income to pay for them!

Lately, leftist political pundits have been trying to gouge the President about the economy. Its truly amazing how they seem to think that the more they claim the economy is so bad and not getting any better that they truly believe it. Yet every indicator shows just the opposite. Maybe they hold a hand over their eyes while glancing through the business section of every daily newspaper across the country.

The most egregious attempt of these people to try and make the President look as though he hasnt handled the economy very well has happened lately where these liberals contend that the jobless rate has fallen because those seeking work have become so discouraged in looking for a job that they have simply given up and are no longer looking because of a lack of offers.

Okay?? People who have to feed their families, pay their bills, are unemployed, yet looking for work and cant seem to find anything, simply decide to quit looking for a job. These people have decided to forgo eating, thereby starving themselves and their children to death and lose everything they own in the process simply because they became discouraged in job hunting! That takes guts, man.

Do these pundits ever read their own rhetoric?

And finally, Saudi Arabia. The 9-11 report was presented for everyone to read and get a feel for what happened in America and the world that lead up to that tragic event, yet members of the elite media and liberals abroad had a fit because they found several pages of omissions in the report.

They are crying foul because they want everyone to believe the Bush administration is once again hiding things from the American people since this administration is so secretive they speciously claim. So the attacks started and in the line of fire was Saudi Arabia. Most of the omissions it has been pondered, centered on Saudi Arabias involvement in the event since most of the high-jackers were born in Saudi Arabia after all. These thought gymnasts decided that since the Bush family has so many ties to the Saudi royal family that he was plainly trying to protect his buddies.

The President stated that the parts were omitted in an effort to prevent our enemies in the war on terror from getting information that they could use against us. The liberal media seethed at this suggestion and pointed out that everyone knows that Saudi Arabia was complicit in the area of terrorism especially 9-11, so the President wasnt protecting us he was protecting the enemy!

Again, check the rhetoric. If as liberals and the elite media pontificate is accurate and Saudi Arabia is steeped in terrorism throughout the world and that the missing parts of the report confirms Saudi Arabias guilt, then wouldnt the Presidents assertion that not allowing the world to see specifically those missing pieces of sensitive information would protect us from the enemy be the correct decision?

If the missing information indicts Saudi Arabia as terrorists which would make them Americas enemy in the war on terror, then President Bush didnt omit those parts to protect Saudi Arabia, he did so specifically to protect us from Saudi Arabia!

Any detective will tell you that you never show the criminal the evidence you have against them beforehand because that defeats the very purpose of catching those criminals and getting justice for their crimes!

And the attack President Bush beat goes on in the liberal media!

Lee P Butler

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