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Liberal Media Attacks Dr. Condoleezza Rice
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Calvin's Snowmen

August 1, 2003

The media attacks Dr. Condoleezza Rice.

Main stream media pundits have now shifted
their focus towards Dr. Condoleezza Rice. The
malicious attacks on the President by many
Democrats, most notably those hoping for
nomination, about the uranium issue has been
proven wasnt even a minor factor in the
decision to liberate Iraq, the liberal press has
decided that someone must be held
accountable for what they deem as an
egregious usage of British intelligence in the
State of the Union address.

Every other day Senator John Edwards is on
the campaign trail indicting someone in the
administration of malfeasance in one form or
another. It wouldnt be surprising if he starts
accusing Santa Claus of harboring Saddam or
Bin Laden, probably on the island of misfit
toys! Yet no reporter ever asks him why he
seems so in the dark about the intelligence
surrounding the Iraq issue when he is on the
Senate intelligence committee and has been
informed about this as much as the President
or Condoleezza Rice?

The Director of the CIA, George Tenet, had so
many conflicting reports about intelligence that
had been gathered he admitted he wasnt
completely sure what was accurate and what
wasnt and accepted the blame for any
possible misunderstanding. Of course many
Democrats and the elite media felt this was
unacceptable, purporting that he was taking
the sword for the president or at the least
someone in his administration.

Now Condoleezza Rice has come under fire
mostly because of statements shes made that
have in many cases been take out of context
in the media. An example of this is when she
said, "we dont want the smoking gun to be a
mushroom cloud." Practically everyday
MSNBCs Chris Matthews asserts that this
fooled Americans into believing that Iraq had a
nuclear program in existence and was going to
annihilate America. His belligerence of this
subject wont change the reality that no one
should want to wait until they see a mushroom
cloud to make a decision, no matter ruthless
dictator pushes the button.

This type of thing happens to Republicans,
especially conservatives, in the media on a
regular basis, but Condoleezza Rice isnt your
run-of-the-mill conservative Republican. Being
the National Security Advisor makes her the
most prominent female in the world and that
position alone should make her more
untouchable to the liberal media corps than
Barbara Streisand, not to mention the fact that
she's also African-American.

Yet many in the media assert that they are
just trying to get to the truth which really
means the truth as they see it. They continue
to misrepresent the uranium issue in the press
even though the recently released NIE report
about Saddam's possible nuclear program
contained this nugget of information, 'We
cannot confirm whether Iraq succeeded in
acquiring uranium ore and/or yellowcake from
these sources.' Meaning they didn't know if it
actually happened or not.

There was just too much conflicting
information and the media had to have
answers. "I think she has served the President
very well. She is more than a capable person,
she is a brilliant person," Rep. Porter Goss
(R-Fla.) told the Associated Press, "Condi
came up through the diplomatic circles. She is
more of an academic, more cerebral than
somebody who has been on front lines of
intelligence and law enforcement and there are
some things she has had to focus on and had
to learn. She had a learning curve, and I think
she has done very well on it."

The President also showed his support for her
during his press meeting, "Dr. Condoleeza
Rice is an honest, fabulous person, and
America is lucky to have her service...period."
He said while pounding the podium for
emphasis. That says it all.

Lee P. Butler

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