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Americas Safer, The Media Warned Us About Cap-Popping Vice President!

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Calvin's Snowmen

February 15, 2006

America’s Safer, The Media Warned Us About Cap-Popping Vice President!

Lee P. Butler

Okay, let’s get this straight.

According to the national media, there was one story that was so incredibly astounding that it took precedent over all other news stories happening in the world.

Was it the record snowfall that blanketed the eastern United States from North Carolina to Maine during the blizzard that brought several major cities to an almost standstill? 26.9 inches of snow was measured in Central Park which was an all-time record and shut down the three major New York-area airports - Kennedy, LaGuardia and Newark.

Remember, as we’ve been lectured about time and again by liberals that even torrential snowstorms can be generated because of fossil fuel burning global warming and if you don’t believe it just wait until Paramount releases the Al Gore movie explaining how warmer temperatures are more conducive to creating an ice age.

Was it the story about how Iran finally decided to start the process of refining uranium as a means to turn it into weapons grade fuel, something John Kerry said he would just give them during the last presidential election?

"I think the United States should have offered the opportunity to provide the nuclear fuel,” Kerry pontificated. “Test them. See whether or not they were actually looking for it for peaceful purposes. If they weren't willing to work a deal, then we could have put sanctions together."

Diplomacy and sanctions, as you see are a liberals best friends until there’s a mushroom cloud over Israel, then it will be George Bush’s fault for not acting more like a ‘cowboy‘!

Perhaps it was the report from the Government Accountability Office, a group the liberal media love and praise with huge headlines when they attack the administration, that showed how the $2000 debit cards given to Katrina evacuees was wasted on tattoos, porno films, diamond rings, expensive hand bags, designer jeans, and more.

Instead of taking the money and using it to rebuild their homes or relocate to a new place to raise their families and finding a job to contribute to society with the rest of us, they are wasting tens of millions of American taxpayer dollars on the dole.

Where’s the compassion? Apparently, at the strip club with our tax dollars!

So maybe its the continuing saga of the rioting that is taking place in the streets across the globe by Muslim protestors who are incensed that someone would actually draw a cartoon likeness of their prophet Mohammad.

Many Muslims claim that this is just a small minority of the Islamic community and these fundamentalists do not represent the Muslim religion. Yet, the crowds of protestors continues to grow as the death and destruction at the hands of this small percentage of people has reached a tremendously worrisome level.

The bigger picture question here is whether or not these groups and their actions from Pakistan to Denmark to Islamabad constitutes the actual terrorist threat the world is now at war to extinguish?

Moving on from that terrifying thought, the major news story from media elitists has to be the completely absurd reality that beloved liberal Democrat leader Al Gore, who speaks for Democrats everywhere and claimed to speak for ‘most Americans‘, went to Saudi Arabia and attacked America by saying that we, “indiscriminately rounded up [Arabs], often on minor charges of overstaying a visa or not having a green card in proper order, and held in conditions that were just unforgivable.”

Maybe someone should tell Gore that liberals were outraged we went into Afghanistan in retaliation for the tragic event on 9-11 instead of Saudi Arabia because they incessantly railed... and continue to do so, read any statement from Cindy Sheehan... that’s where most of the terrorists on 9-11 were from and where we buy oil and the royal family is friends with the Bush family and you get the picture.

Of course, Gore would never admit it, but if he and his boss Bill Clinton had followed the law and ’detained’ those terrorists when their visas had expired instead of wine-and-dining the Saudis to get funding for Clinton‘s future museum project, maybe, just maybe, the worst attack on American soil may never have taken place and thousands of innocent Americans wouldn‘t have lost their lives at the hands of those same terrorists.

The question that has to be asked is, was Gore trying to incite another attack?

Nope, the big story that captivated the attention of the media was about how Vice President Cheney accidentally peppered a hunting companion with bird shot while quail hunting in Texas and a local paper was allowed to break the story instead of the big dogs in the Washington press corps.

Let’s see: Iran with nuclear weapons, fundamentalist Muslims rioting and killing innocent people over cartoons, global warming blizzards, taxpayer-funded lap dances, Al Gore possibly inciting more violence against America... I feel much safer now that the media has stopped the presses on everything else and warned us about Cheney accidentally popping-a-cap at someone with bird shot!

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