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Calvin's Snowmen

May 5, 2003

Theres been an abundance of rhetoric recently related to the issue of hypocrisy. Lately many pundits have leveled attacks against former Drug Czar and Education Secretary Dr. William Bennett because he's written a books about virtues and tours the country giving speeches on the importance of family, yet it was discovered that he liked to play slot machines in casinos.

Charging Dr. Bennett with hypocrisy after he has openly admitted to gambling when he has never spoken out against it is banal and devoid of merit. Should he then not be allowed to talk about the negative aspects of drinking as it relates to the sanctity of family if he has a glass of wine with dinner?

The simple agenda here is to use this opportunity to try and defraud a conservative by casting a barrage of verbal stones that does little more than prove the liberal cant of do as I say do, not as I actually do! A perfect example of this was the Jesse Jackson debacle where as a Reverend he preached morality to the masses while at the same time this married man was having an affair with a woman who eventually gave birth to his child. There was no outrage then from those who are today attacking Dr. Bennett.

Hillary Clinton has assailed the President and his administration countless times on subject matter she has vehemently defended in the past. During her time as First Lady, she refused to release documents that pertained to private meetings she had with people from the health care industry when she held no official position in government, then as a Senator assaulted Vice President Dick Cheney for not disclosing private discussions hed held in an official capacity in regards to the administrations energy policy. Again, there was a double standard.

Numerous examples of hypocrisy exist throughout the political world. John Edwards adamant support for trial lawyers whose seemingly endless lawsuits have decimated tobacco farmers in rural North and South Carolina, hurting the regular people of which he claims to be. Democrats chastise Dr. Bennett for gambling, yet it is almost exclusively Democrats who support the passage of a lottery in this state!

Dont forget, the people who saw nothing wrong with disseminating this private information to the mass media about Dr. Bennett, besieging his right to privacy are the same ones who have speciously railed against the current administration about the supposed erosion of our privacy with the passage of the Patriot Act.

For years liberals have lorded over the rest of us with sanctimonious glee how open minded they are and how generously accepting they are of others differences through their staunch support of political correctness and even their willingness to forgive people of their indiscretions.

Unless, of course, you are a conservative Republican, especially one who espouses an adherence to the virtuousness of family values and an impetus for teaching our children through leading by example.

Then theres not enough good-natured, bleeding heart, I feel your pain, liberalism in the world to save you from their wrath. Which, my friends, is the biggest hypocrisy of them all!

Lee P. Butler

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