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The Quill Pen Ten - April 6, 2006 - April 12, 2006

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- The Quill Pen Ten -

April 6, 2006 - April 12, 2006

Welcome to another edition of the Quill Pen Ten.  Veterans of the OpinionEditorials.com community know it as the QPT.  The QPT is a collection of the ten most-interesting and most-popular op-eds of the preceding week.

The QPT is brought to you by your friends at Frontiers of Freedom.  Frontiers is a non-profit, non-partisan public policy organization dedicated to protecting the constitutional rights of all Americans and restoring constitutional limits on the extent and power of government.

Presenting the Quill Pen Ten:

Vincent Fiore: Turning Immigration Into a GOP Winner
Unquestionably, the Republican Party as a whole has grown over the last twenty-five years. Along with the self-proclaimed “independent” or “moderate” voter, the GOP has seen its rolls swell at the expense of the Democratic Party...

Lee P. Butler: Declassifying The Plame Name Game Offense Of Deception
Liberal elitists in the media across the country have gone into Hurricane Katrina blame game mode where they pass off their own political biases as news coverage and try desperately to spin leftist opinion pieces into news analysis for the latest attack Bush episode of the Valerie Plame name game leak case...

Helen and Peter Evans: Who Supports the Children of the Unwed Mothers?
Did you ever wonder what it would be like if we all had to personally pay for each child born out of wedlock? Let's take a for-instance. We used to live in a small condominium. There were only twelve units in the entire building. The woman next door to us was an unwed mother. Both she and her child were very nice; but that's not the point. The point was that she was receiving money from the government to raise that child out of wedlock. We wondered what sort of society we would have if, instead of the government mailing her a check each month, the residents of the other eleven units in that building were obliged to contribute each month to the support of her child, and its brothers and sisters if those were conceived...

Richard Samp: Time to Rein in the False Claims Act
The federal False Claims Act (FCA) has long been recognized as a full employment act for plaintiffs' lawyers. The game is to encourage fired employees to pose as "whistleblowers," reporting to the federal government on their former employees' alleged wrongdoing...

Chuck Muth: This Reign of McCain Has Really Been a Pain
By all accounts, there are a herd of additional shoes yet to drop in the Jack Abramoff lobbying scandal. The question is whether or not this public scrutiny will be limited to just the low-lying fruit, or if some serious investigations will take place - including an investigation of one of the chief investigators: St. John McCain, Arizona Republican...

Nancy Salvato: A Battle Cry for Freedom
Among the most popular political parties is a public display of infighting. For example, the extreme left of the Democratic Party is unwilling to accommodate Joe Lieberman’s support of the current war effort. Within the Republican Party, a faction professes zero accommodations should be made toward anyone residing here through illegal immigration, while others believe in some kind of amnesty or guest worker status. Center left leaning Republicans; RINOs are contemptively referred to, as such, because they have adopted more liberal leaning positions held by the Democrats...

Rachel Neuwirth: Inexplicable Actions on Iraqi WMD
For President Bush successfully to confront the growing nuclear threat posed by Iran, he will need a credible military option like the one he had earlier in confronting Iraq and Saddam Hussein. To be credible, that option would also require the solid backing of the American people along with the Congress...

Joe Mariani: DeLay Takes One for the Team
The Left is celebrating Tom DeLay's (R-TX) resignation from Congress, but it's not quite the big win they want everyone to believe. In fact, by giving them what they wanted, DeLay just might have thrown a monkey wrench into the Democrats' entire 2006 campaign. They may have forced "the Hammer" to step down, but it was a Pyrrhic victory at best...

J.J. Jackson: Apparently We’re Getting Amnesty Whether We Like It Or Not
The Senate is acting a lot like four-year-olds told they can't have something they really want. They're bound and determined to keep pushing until they get it! There is a new amnesty plan for illegal aliens being floated since the original McCain/Kennedy Amnesty appears dead on arrival...

John Conlin: Illegal Immigration – Stop the Silliness
As the rhetoric on the issue of illegal immigrants heats up, it is time to step back and think about the issue logically. First is the realization we are discussing two separate issues – combining them only leads to confusion and makes reaching a final solution more difficult...

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