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The Paradox Of Liberals And Their Definition Of Torture

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The Paradox Of Liberals And Their Definition Of Torture

Lee P. Butler

‘Witness A’, a 16 year old Iraqi woman who was arrested in the farming town of Dujail, sobbed as she recounted the torture she had endured. "He said take off your clothes," she cried. "They hit me with the pistol and forced me to take off my clothes, and he lifted my legs upward and beat me with cables and asked me to talk. I was like a feast. There were about five officers, I am an Iraqi woman."

If it wasn’t for the fact that the Iraqi woman was testifying to the horrendous torture at the hands of Saddam Hussein’s henchmen following his directive at Saddam’s own trail, you would be led to believe by liberals and their media elitist counterparts that story was about our troops at Abu Ghraib or Gitmo.

According to the leftist spin media elitists produce daily in their publications and on their broadcasts; which they claim is simply ’reporting’ and not liberal bias, America, led by the Bush administration promotes the use of torture: see example above.

Based on the definition of ‘torture’ these liberals; let’s also not forget to include Senator John McCain and his drooling followers, have espoused America routinely takes part in, then even Saddam himself has a case and proudly produced those liberal talking points in the courtroom.

"Are you deliberately hauling defendants before the trial when they are exhausted?" Saddam shouted at the judge and complained that he had not been able to change clothes or shower in days. "This is terrorism! I will not return. I will not come to an unjust court. Go to hell."

Good thing Saddam has John Kerry’s would-be Attorney General Ramsey Clarke helping with his defense so he can keep Saddam up to speed on all the latest accusations coming from liberal ‘I actually did vote for the war before I started acting as though I voted against it’ Democrats.

Maureen Dowd of the New York Times; known for her ‘Dowdisms’ where she carefully omits important pieces of information to create a different reality that contradicts the truth, recently attacked Secretary of State Condi Rice for emphatically announcing to the world that the American government doesn’t condone torture.

“It all depends on what you mean by ’authorize’ ’condone’ ’torture’ and ’detainees’,” Dowd wrote. She continued, “Under this administration, prisoners have been hung by their wrists and had electrodes to their genitals; they’ve been water boarded, exposed to extreme heat and cold, and threatened with death - even accidentally killed.”

She must have been operating under the authority of another ‘Dowdism’ when she wrote that, because (A) everyone should be well aware of the fact that individuals have been tried and convicted for the abuse of detainees, and (B) she quickly equated, as have most in the media, ’being threatened with death’ and the use of ‘extreme heat and cold’, which are accepted legitimate methods of interrogation, with torture!

Let’s be clear, when Secretary of State Rice spoke to the members of NATO and the EU while she was in Europe and confirmed, to the satisfaction of those supporting countries about the issue of the American stance on torture, the United States doesn’t engage in ’cruel, inhumane and degrading treatment’ of detained combatants, she was simply reiterating the American position concerning torture.

The United States has always operated under the auspices of the U.N. Convention Against Torture (CAT) which we agreed to when we signed the treaty. It also sets the standard and is matched by U.S. law of prohibiting torture and classified it as the infliction of "severe pain or suffering" of detained prisoners.

Even John McCain’s amendment that is being touted by media elitists for it’s ‘heroic’ denouncement of the use of torture by America does nothing by verify the words of Secretary Rice and our agreed upon rules and laws concerning the issue that are already being utilized.

That means his sanctimonious rhetoric is just sophistry that plays right into the hands of liberal Democrats who will take advantage of anything offered by Republicans that smacks of an inside attack and can be used to admonish the administration.

And the ultimate purpose of this whole issue is to muddy the waters of understanding about what constitutes torture and what is simply tough techniques used to get information during the War on Terror.

Sleep depravation is not torture… cutting off fingers is. Scantly clad women in close proximity to male detainees is not torture, but is a multi-billion dollar worldwide industry liberals routinely condone. Forcing detainees to listen to current mainstream music at loud volumes can in no way be confused with being beaten into submission, although some could make a case.

The reality is, if our troops had fed the detainees ’Frosted Flakes’ everyday for breakfast, liberals and media elitists would find a way to correlate it with ’torture’. Then claim that they weren’t calling our military personnel torturers, but were attacking the policies of the administration.

Plus, the McCain amendment even allows for the use of torture methods to be applied in the ‘ticking-bomb scenario’, which begs the question. Why institute that procedure, if torture doesn’t work?

Just ask Saddam, who after enduring the torture of being forced to listen to the heart-wrenching details of the actual use of torture that was even more excruciating for his victims than just "severe pain or suffering", has refused to go back into the courtroom where more testimony would be given.

The paradox is that media elitists and liberals care little about the suffering of Iraqis at the hands of Saddam and his henchmen through the use of torture, but can’t wait for another opportunity to attack our troops with charges of torture.

Copyright 2016 Lee P Butler. All Rights Reserved.