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Delay Endures The Salem Witch Hunts Of The Modern Day

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Calvin's Snowmen

"It's not that we are afraid," said one, glancing around to see if anyone was in earshot, "but this guy has the power. You know, the real power. And he's known to have been vindictive."
In dealing daily with crime and punishment -- and facing re-election every four years -- any district attorney will suffer blots. For Mr. Earle, several specific cases stand out that indicate he is not necessarily an outstanding prosecutor and that his judgment has been questionable at best.

 Delay Endures The Salem Witch Hunts Of The Modern Day 


Lee P. Butler

The lights burned white hot, their glow illuminating the assembled crowd. The smell of death was palpable as the mass of people squeezed together in the hope that they would be one of the first to see what they anticipated would be the visceral carnage associated with the humiliated immolation of a Conservative politician.

Burning Republican Congressman Tom Delay at the stake just wouldn’t be good enough for the radical left-wing assemblage of media reporters who wanted more than anything to witness the public political death of the ‘Hammer’.

Then the House Majority Leader from Texas burst their collective bubble as he spoke of his situation. “I have violated no law, no regulation, no rule of the House. I have done nothing unlawful, unethical or, I might add, unprecedented. I am innocent.”

Lead by Republican bashing, liberal hate-mongering extremist District Attorney Ronnie Earle, on the last day of their term a Texas Grand Jury indicted Congressman Delay, John Colyandro, former Director of Delay’s Texas PAC and Jim Ellis, Director of Delay’s national PAC, on a charge of conspiring to violate political fundraising laws.

Or, at least, that’s what the charge appears to be, because the unusually brief indictment isn’t very precise in explaining the exact charge, which is conspicuously dubious when compared to a normal indictment. Indictments are usually detailed lists of charges drawn up and given to the defendant so that he/she knows exactly what they are being accused of and why.

Even Chris Wallace of Fox news alluded to this while questioning Delay in an exclusive interview:

WALLACE: Well, all right. That brings us to the question of the case against you. And there's been a lot of criticism from supporters and opponents of you that the indictment that Ronnie Earle has presented so far is pretty thin, doesn't state a lot of facts on it.

DELAY: Doesn't state any facts on it.

But then this episode is just another in a long line of paltry attacks by liberal Democrats as they utilize the politics of personal destruction as they attempt to destroy Conservatives in the public arena, because they can’t win in the political arena. Liberals have found it’s more effective to end someone’s political career through mendacious conspiracies promoted by liberal media accomplices than actually getting people to vote for them at the ballot box on election day.

“Democrats resent Tom Delay because he routinely defeats them, both politically and legislatively,” stated Rep. Tom Reynolds (R-NY). “Earle has been incapable of separating his personal politics from his professional responsibilities. He has used his investigatory powers to energize Democrat activists, and Democrat activists have, in turn, fueled the zeal with which he has pursued Delay.”

Liberals could care less if Delay is not guilty of any crime or of wrong-doing. Liberal host of the Daily Show, Jon Stewart recently said as succinctly as anyone on the Left has concerning how they feel about Delay. Stewart growled, "He's dirty."

That's right, not 'he's guilty', but 'he's dirty'. And why do liberals consider Delay dirty?

To get to that answer, take for instance a recent column from former adviser to Bill Clinton, Dick Morris, where he claims Delay 'subverted American democracy'. In his article Morris talks about the issue surrounding the indictment, but specifically draws attention to Delay's focus on 'gerrymandering' districts in Texas to favor Republicans.

Throughout the piece, Morris reiterates that either Delay didn't break any laws or he can't tell that any laws were broken, but Delay, in Morris' mind is guilty of one thing... making the Republican party stronger through redistricting, which is at the heart of the Delay indictment.

"The result of Delay's efforts is that the control of the House of Representatives has now been predetermined and taken out of the hands of the voters," Morris wrote. "No matter what happens nationally, the GOP will control the House until the 2010 reapportionment."

According to Morris, Delay shouldn't be 'indicted', but he should be 'condemned', because, 'He [Delay] sublimated the needs of democracy to those of partisanship'.


As Morris correctly refers, gerrymandering is a process that was named after Gerry Elbridge in the early 1800's, who utilized a technique of drawing voting districts in such a way as to help his political allies easily regain their seat in Congress by grouping a political party majority of registered voters in that district, even if it meant the district looked like a small river or 'salamander'.

Since then Democrats have dominated the usage of this process and for decades have aligned a majority of Democrat voters in as many of these districts as they could, to help re-elect as many Democrats as possible, so that the Democrat party could retain their position of power through representation for as long as possible and, 'sublimated the needs of democracy to those of partisanship' as Morris put it.

Through time the Republican party grew nationally, while the Democrats became stagnant or in some places shrank. Republicans even began winning races in majority Democrat districts, so as each census confirmed the population totals, Democrats grew more adamant about controlling the production of redistricting maps.

Once Republicans took control of the House in the early Nineties, a war has waged over the redistricting process between the two major parties. What Delay was able to do, was turn the tables on Democrats and used their own decades long tactic of retaining political power through the use of 'gerrymandered' districts against them.

And that was a bitter pill for Democrats to swallow.

Morris thinks what he did makes America a 'banana republic'. The question then, is this... has it been a banana republic all the long decades that Democrats used the method to retain their power?

That's just one example of what Congressman Delay has done to make Democrats hate him, but in most of the cases where Democrats have attacked him, the charges were frivolous because he hadn't committed any crimes. They weren't concerned about his guilt, they just wanted to make him seem 'dirty' in the court of public opinion.

Where, for liberal Democrats, public modern day witch hunts are the law.

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