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Democracy Appears To Be Flourishing In Iraq

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Democracy Appears To Be Flourishing In Iraq

The mainstream media seems to have adopted the extremist Sunni sect of Iraq as their foreign minority, under-privileged, disenfranchised, discriminated against poster children in their anti-war, anti-Bush media news coverage. Leading up to and then once the new Iraqi Constitution draft was approved Sunday, August 28, the only Iraqis media elitists cared to cover were the Sunnis.

The Sunni faction in Iraq constitutes about twenty percent of the overall population in that country, but was the controlling force, lead by Saddam Hussein, during Saddam's reign of terror in which millions of Kurdish Iraqis were slaughtered by Saddam as he gassed them with WMD liberals still contend didn't exist. His reign of horror also consisted of rape rooms, torture chambers and in countless sites throughout Iraq, mass graves.

Now that Iraq is nearing another milestone in post-Saddam Iraqi history, his Sunni followers are fighting against Iraqi reform and the representative democracy that is being spawned there. Suddenly, Sunni extremists find themselves out of power, in the minority, and steadily losing control of the dictatorship they once helped to provide.

And Western elitist press coverage is doing it's ever liberal best to make sure the whole world knows about the Sunni disgust with freedom and democracy, while they completely ignore the fact that the over-whelming majority of Iraqi people are fighting with their lives to achieve that very goal.

Now that the Constitution can be ratified by the Iraqi people, media elitists continue to worry endlessly because the Sunni's 'rejected' the constitution draft and that they will be left out of the process, albeit, they voided their own participation.

This anxiety was clearly expressed in a recent Associated Press release: "Rebuffed in the constitution deliberations, Sunni Arabs now face a dilemma: boycott the Oct. 15 referendum on a new charter and hand the Shiites a landslide victory, or take part in a vote that demographics suggest they'll lose."

Why, those nice Sunni Iraqis can't just hand the depraved Shiite majority, who were just simply unwilling to listen to the innocent Sunni minority of Saddam loyalists because they were following the grand supreme order of the imperialistic American government, a landslide victory without having their minority voices heard.

The biggest problem the Sunnis have with the new Iraqi Constitution is centered around the premise of Iraqi federalism. Federalism is the system of government in a democracy where every faction of the country is represented through elections in a 'federal' government that oversees the country as a whole.

Sounds familiar, doesn't it? That's why the Sunni's are rejecting it. "We absolutely refused this draft because it was imported from abroad," said Abdul-Qader Izzadine, a 40-year-old businessman. "All the people who wrote this draft were exiles who came from abroad. They want to divide Iraq and carry on their conspiracy."

Saad Jawad Kadim, 50, a Sunni high school teacher, said "the American administration imposed this constitution" because "America wants to divide Iraq into regions" to "destroy the Iraqi identity."

The 'exiles who came from abroad' were Iraqi's who were able to escape Saddam's torturous regime that dominated Iraq and are probably only alive today because they were able to flee Iraq. Having lived in freedom for years, they returned to Iraq after the fall of Saddam, to help their beloved country become a place of freedom for the Iraqi's who could not escape.

It is that desire to share their experience with freedom with their Iraqi brethren that many in the Sunni sect fears. The power-hungry control they perpetuated in Iraq for so long is drawing ever closer to an end and they cannot let it go.

Around 2,000 Sunnis in Tikrit, Saddam’s birth place, chanted slogans condemning federalism, which they referred to as racism. They carried signs promoting, “no to constitution” and “yes to united Iraq” and they chanted endearingly for their fallen leader, “We sacrifice our souls and blood for you, Saddam”. Sheik Yahya Ibrahim al-Batawi, a Sunni religious leader called the new Iraqi constitution a 'Jewish constitution'.

In a joint news conference featuring Shiite leader U.S. Ambassador Zalmay Khalilzad and Sunni leader Adnan Dulaimi, at the end of the conference Dulaimi went on a tirade attacking the draft constitution, called the current Iraqi government 'illegal', and charged that the interior minister of Iraq had allowed the Iraqi security forces to kill many Sunnis.

Just to be clear... the Sunni's who are being killed by Iraqi security forces are part of the 'insurgency' that is aiding the terrorists who are trying to destroy the very country that is striving to become a viable democratic entity in the Middle East.

If you pay attention to what the Sunni's are saying you will see it is reminiscent of the same rhetoric spewed by liberals here in America. Liberals rail against our current government because they say it is trying to 'divide' us using the courts, the Constitution, and the Patriot Act.

On an hourly basis, the media is promoting the liberal rhetoric that the administration is 'illegal' and they are on a constant drum-beat that many Americans are being attacked, belittled, or disenfranchised by the polices of the Bush administration.

The juxtaposition is eerie.

Another comment from the Sunni leadership echoed liberal media worries, "We don't want to wage a war against anybody, but we say this draft was written in a way that will divide and tear apart Iraq," Saleh al-Mutlaq, a top Sunni negotiator said. "This constitution was written in a hurry and also passed in a hurry."

They say it was passed in a hurry, despite the fact that it was postponed at least twice, in both cases to change the draft to assuage Sunni concerns and attempt to bridge the gap Sunni leaders claimed existed. In the end, the Sunni's couldn't be accommodated, because it's now apparent that they never intended to be accommodated.

Using a page right out of liberalism, the Sunnis complained about the original formation of the interim government, boycotted the first election, then cried about the 'illegal' results while making sure they were included in the appointment of officials process.

They complained incessantly about their 'minority' status in the cabinet, tried as many different tactics as they could to derail the constitutional draft process as they attacked the other members of the panel for giving the very concessions they were asking for, then finally publicly attacked the document as not being 'legitimate'.

"The constitution is left to our people to approve or reject it," said President Jalal Talabani, a Kurd. "I hope that our people will accept it despite some flaws."

Despite Sunni Arabs objections to the draft Talabani said that, "everybody had reservations. This is part of democracy ... If the people do not approve it, we will draft another constitution."

Prime Minister Ibrahim al-Jaafari, a Shiite, said no constitution has ever gained total acceptance and added, "I personally have reservations on some points and so do the Kurds." But he urged Iraqis to support the draft in the referendum on October 15th.

Barring the use of electronic voting machines from Ohio, Jesse Jackson and Jimmy Carter, that election will create another benchmark moment for freedom in Iraq and as it would already appear, democracy is flourishing in that country.

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