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The Quill Pen Ten - August 9, 2005 - August 15, 2005

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- The Quill Pen Ten -

August 9, 2005 - August 15, 2005

Welcome to another edition of the Quill Pen Ten.  Veterans of the OpinionEditorials.com community know it as the QPT.  The QPT is a collection of the ten most-interesting and most-popular op-eds of the preceding week.

The QPT is brought to you by your friends at Frontiers of Freedom.  Frontiers is a non-profit, non-partisan public policy organization dedicated to protecting the constitutional rights of all Americans and restoring constitutional limits on the extent and power of government.

Presenting the Quill Pen Ten:

Matt Abbott: Corporations, Celebrities, and Abortion
A portion of a recent news release from the pro-life organization Life Decisions International (www.fightpp.org): "WASHINGTON, Aug. 3 /Christian Wire Service/ -- The most recently released list of corporate supporters of Planned Parenthood, published by Life Decisions International (LDI), identifies several corporations that are new boycott targets. And while 116 corporations have agreed to stop funding the abortion-committing group, The Boycott List includes many corporations that have been boycott targets for quite some time...

Joe Bell: Howard Dean Assembling Phony Enemy For Democrats To Battle
On August 5, during a speech in Edinburg, Texas, Democratic Party Chairman Howard Dean declared Republicans will make immigrants the "scapegoats" in the next election. It is a contemptible, and typical, gimmick that has often been used effectively by liberals in the past. Absent any sound ideas on how America can meet the challenges of the 21st century, Democrat strategy has become a combination of name-calling and divide and conquer tactics...

Lee P. Butler: Racist Hate Mongering Is Alive, Well, And Accepted In Present Day America
The raucous group of thousands carrying signs and chanting hate speech, marched along the Southern street as they headed for the stage and dais that sat waiting to be used by the racist, hate-mongering leaders to promote their incendiary speeches...

Barbara J. Stock: Time to Take off the Gloves and Put on the Brass Knuckles
The liberals in America seem hell-bent on handing not only Iraq over to the Islamic terrorists, but America as well. We must be politically correct at all times, hurt no ones feelings, and never, ever, imply that terrorists are Muslims. We must remember at all times that Islam is a religion of "peace and love" even though one of its core beliefs is that Islam must dominate the world. If people do not accept this fate peacefully, that is considered a direct attack on Islam and force then becomes acceptable. The liberals in America don't understand this simple Islamic formula...

Dan Abbett: The Bonfire Begins with Tinder
Since November 2, 2004, Democrat party leaders, extreme liberal activists and what was once referred to as the mainstream media, have been in hyper drive to light a fire in the party faithful. There are no ethical rules for this body; the only rule is that the party regains a ruling majority. They have pulled out all the stops, they are "hell bent for leather" and adopted a "take no prisoners" philosophy

Irwin N. Graulich: The Most Dangerous Terrorist Group
Al Qaeda and Hamas are amateurs by comparison. Islamic Jihad and Hizbollah engage in child's play compared to this "group." So who are they? All kidding aside, the greatest danger to our society comes from Trial Lawyers and their associate umbrella group, the ACLU, who have managed to make terrorism into a legal art. Instead of using bombs to blow up innocents, they use the law to blow up people's lives from the inside out...

Dustin Hawkins: Liberals Stuck in 60's Rut
To commemorate the 40 year anniversary of the Civil Rights Act numerous black leaders, politicians, and celebrities gathered in what seemed less like a celebration and more like a reunion of the Black Panthers. With some exception: the Black Panthers were slightly more reasonable. If the anger emanating from the speaking stage seemed less like blissful hope for the future and more like the same old from the past, it doesn't take much to figure out why...

Vincent Fiore: Cindy Sheehan, Go Home
Momentous days are upon the nation, and the world. In Iraq, a constitution is being hammered out, as U.S. troops and Iraqis are being killed in the name of democracy. Israel is days away from pulling out of Gaza and displacing some 8,000 settlers, and will now closely observe the long haul that the Palestinians have before them on their way to statehood...

Gary L. Ivey: Miscon-"screwing" Judge Roberts
Just lie.
That apparently is the approach being taken by liberals to defeating George W. Bush's judicial nominations, now that the judicial filibuster has been partly neutered by the "gang of fourteen" compromise...

Helen and Peter Evans: He's Proud to be an American
On August 9th, along with 92 other legal aliens from more than 20 countries, I took my oath and became a citizen of the United States. The presiding judge mentioned that these were dangerous times to be an American and, in a way, that danger had contributed to my decision to fully "join up" with America...

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