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Racist Hate Mongering Is Alive, Well, And Accepted In Present Day America

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Racist Hate Mongering Is Alive, Well, And Accepted In Present Day America

The raucous group of thousands carrying signs and chanting hate speech, marched along the Southern street as they headed for the stage and dais that sat waiting to be used by the racist, hate-mongering leaders to promote their incendiary speeches.

The crowd slowly gathered as the cacophony of chants grew with the expanding group and the tension of their expectancy. The speakers suddenly burst to life with a vitriolic stream of hate-speech that has become more and more common in America.

No, as many would assume, the city of Atlanta wasn’t hosting a demonstration organized by a white supremacist faction. It was coordinated and sponsored by race baiter Jesse Jackson and his Rainbow/PUSH Coalition. The AFL-CIO, NAACP, The Southern Christian Leadership, and the National Urban League also participated.

It didn’t take long before the anticipation of the crowd of mostly Democrats was sated by the hate filled rants being spewed by their spokesmen. “They [Republicans and the Bush administration] all need to be locked up,” African-American judge known from his television show, ‘The Judge Mathis Show’, Greg Mathis railed, “because they are all criminals and they are all thieves.”

This heinous rhetoric was coming from a ‘supposed’ judge, not just some spirited Saturday night charlatan tent preacher purveying hate to fuel the hysteria of the masses. He says they ‘all need to be locked up’, meaning he wouldn’t just make incarceration exclusive to Karl Rove like the rest of his Democrat brethren.

What is the crime for which this ‘judge’ would impose a sentence?

“It is indeed criminal to steal an election,” ‘Judge’ Mathis extols. He then gets even more derisive

and egregious as he attacks members of his own judiciary. “[The] Supreme Court was an accomplice to the biggest election crime in history in 2000. And I call it a crime because indeed that is exactly what it was.”

How many times does this fiasco have to be rehashed and the ruse of a stolen election in 2000 that is perpetuated by hate-filled liberals have to be exposed? In that election, the Florida Supreme Court, made up mostly of liberals, handed down a ruling on election law that was contrary to what the law actual defined.

The U.S. Supreme Court simply pointed out that fact and gave an order that told the Florida Court to readdress their previous ruling, because they deemed it to be faulty. They did, and reversed their previous ruling and the election was certified.

What liberals hate about the Supreme Court ruling isn’t that they based it on the rule of law, but that they didn’t. Does ‘Judge’ Mathis get to make his own laws when he rules on a case or does he follow the rule of law like the Supreme Court did in 2000 that he now calls ‘criminal’?

Not to mention that every liberal recount that was done in the aftermath of the 2000 election ended in favor of President Bush... in every vote count Gore sued to have done, the total still would have made him the loser.

But the hate mongers and race baiters don’t care about those facts, because facts don’t give their messages credence. While marching through the streets of Atlanta, Harry Belafonte charged the African-Americans in the Bush administration with being ‘black tyrants’. It’s the same old rhetoric... if you’re an African-American who toes the Democrat line, you’re ‘okay’, but if you are an African-American Republican, you’re a ‘black tyrant’.

It’s completely asinine. President Bush has appointed more minorities to high offices in his administration than any other administration in history, yet Mathis bemoans that he is, ‘the enemy of our (black America’s) progress.’

Home ownership in the African-American community is at an all-time high. African-American household incomes are at their highest levels. Educated African-American women earn more than both African-American males and white women. African-American businesses are at all-time highs.

Again, facts don’t count. Only super-charged, fallacious, emotionally manipulative rhetoric is meaningful to liberals and their agenda.

But Mathis’ racist statements reached a fever pitch when he ranted, “They shot and missed when they enslaved, segregated and opposed our people. They shot and missed when they stole the past two presidential elections. They shot and missed when they denied our right to vote.”

‘Judge’ Mathis obviously got his education from the watered down politically correct textbooks that are disseminated to our children today, because his abominable opinions are skewed way beyond the reality of historical fact.

His reference to ‘they’ plainly represents Republicans and the Republican Party, yet it was the Republican Party that was specifically created with the ideology to abolish the enslavement, segregation and opposition of his (African-American) people.

Maybe somebody should inform him that Abraham Lincoln was a Republican and his party fought to end slavery. That years later Democrats denounced the Republican Party because they advocated the abolishment of segregation and wrote the Civil Rights Act that eventually became law in 1965, where 97 percent of Republicans voted in favor of the legislation and many Democrats opposed it!

Continuing the same mantra of lies, the king of racist hate-speech, Jesse Jackson, stepped to the podium, “The same old enemies of civil rights and voting rights will always keep up their ugly activities. Race baiters and discriminators may go underground, but they never move out of town.”

No, they just march down streets with megaphones and signs spreading hate and lies, while living off the uneducated philosophical gullibility of those who believe them.

Copyright 2016 Lee P Butler. All Rights Reserved.