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Why Democrats Want So Desperately To Destroy Karl Rove

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The Joseph Wilson / Valerie Plame Timeline 

Why Democrats Want So Desperately To Destroy Karl Rove


In 2004, CNN interviewed White House Deputy Chief of Staff and past advisor to President Bush, Karl Rove about the Valerie Plame issue where members of the media had written stories based on ‘insider’ information that had supposedly ‘outed’ her as a CIA undercover operative. Rove told CNN, “I didn’t know her name. I didn’t leak her name.”

Before getting into the nuances of the case, one fact needs to be addressed. It still has yet to be verified if Mrs. Plame was actually ‘outed’ as a covert undercover operative. It has been reported several times that at the time of the supposed ‘outing’ she was a ‘desk jockey’, meaning she worked in the CIA office, not in a covert position, when the story broke.

The fact is, at some time in the past she had been a covert undercover agent, but by all apparent accounts, she no longer served in that capacity and that fact weighs heavily on the criminality of the case being investigated by federal prosecutor, Patrick Fitzgerald.

She was, however, working at the time as an undercover analyst in the CIA’s Directorate of Operations counter proliferation division, yet the two lawyers who co-authored the law against the public release of the name of a covert agent has openly reiterated that she was not serving in the specified capacity to qualify her as being covertly undercover when her name was publicized.

Which takes us back to the issue surrounding Karl Rove.

Prosecutor Fitzgerald kept pressing the reporters involved with this story to give the names of their informants and what they had said. One of the facts the mainstream press practically refuses to report is that Karl Rove signed a waiver by January of 2004 allowing Time magazine correspondent Matt Cooper to reveal the conversation between the two.

Unlike Judith Miller who is now serving time in prison because she won’t utilize her waiver to reveal her source, Cooper; who’s wife is a Democrat advisor working for Hillary Clinton, is now testifying before a Grand Jury about his conversation with Rove.

He has also revealed an email he sent to his bureau chief about the two minute conversation between him and Rove that mostly concerned another subject, but ended with them speaking about the misinformation being written surrounding Joe Wilson’s trip to Niger.

Rove reportedly warned Cooper that some of his information was inaccurate, specifically that neither CIA Director George Tenet nor Vice President Cheney had authorized Wilson to go on the trip the way it had been reported and Wilson himself had falsely asserted.

Cooper’s email pointed out that Rove warned him about going ‘too far out on Wilson’ and that, ‘Wilson’s wife, who apparently works at the agency on WMD issues who authorized the trip’. He also included Rove’s assessment that, ‘not only the genesis of the trip is flawed an[d] suspect but so is the report. He [Rove] implied strongly there’s still plenty to implicate Iraqi interest in acquiring uranium fro[m] Niger...’.
A little reality check here, folks. Rove was trying to stop an ‘unbiased’ reporter from running with a factually inaccurate story that was being repeated by media elitists who were adamant to bring down the Bush administration at any cost... even repeating uncorroborated information. Sound familiar?

All based on an op-ed written by Wilson and produced by the New York Times attacking President Bush over his State of the Union speech where he referred to British intelligence. Yet the premise of Wilson’s editorial was not only a ruse but eventually discredited by accounts revealed in his own book.

In his op-ed he asserted that he’d found no evidence of an Iraqi purchase of uranium (so Bush lied) but in his book wrote that he had actually met with ‘Baghdad Bob’ in Niger who was interested in information about the purchasing of uranium there, which in fact confirmed the accuracy of what the President had said (so Bush told the truth)!

Cooper’s email vindicates Rove on three fronts: 1) Rove never gave Plame’s name, 2) he was clearly warning Cooper that his information was inaccurate, not telling him to use it in a story, and 3) he couldn’t have ‘outed’ an undercover agent he didn’t know was covert, because that’s exactly what being covert means.

Wilson and his wife knew what her status was at the CIA and used that position to authorize a ‘trip’ for him to go to Niger and then use it to falsely attack the President figuring nobody would ever know about her connection to the questionable tactic because since she worked as a CIA agent, her involvement would be untouchable and could never be revealed.

Then it was revealed and it was too late for them to turn back. So they decided to turn the heat away from their own shenanigans and focus it on somebody else, specifically the person who had shed light on their charade.

Which brings us to the firestorm that has been generated by media elitists and liberal Democrats who have seized on the moment to destroy the ‘evil genius’ Karl Rove.

Democrats are porously losing constituents and political seats across the country and they have focused their ire for this conundrum towards one individual. The House and Senate have grown their Republican majorities and worst of all, because of Karl Rove’s political acumen, George W. Bush won a second term in the White House.

In the minds of liberal Democrats, there is no other possible way for Bush to continue to defeat them without his access to and advice from Karl Rove. When Bush not only beat Kerry in the election, but did so with more votes than any President had ever gotten and a three million vote advantage, liberals suddenly knew that Dick Cheney wasn’t the puppet master they had previously believed... it was Karl Rove!

Of course Hillary Clinton supports John Kerry’s call for Rove to be fired, because Kerry’s still licking his election wounds he now thinks were administered by Rove, and Clinton doesn’t want Rove standing in her way for the Presidency in 2008.

Liberals don’t want to destroy Karl Rove because he told a reporter that Joe Wilson’s wife who worked at the CIA was the person who authorized her husband’s Nigerian trip.

Liberals want to destroy Rove because they believe he is the ‘evil genius’ who has single-handedly destroyed the Democrat party and is the person solely responsible for hindering them from a resurgent movement back to power and prominence.

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