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America has always had a leftist media that is dominated by liberal thought. Their main objective is to present the news or investigative stories based on that leftist ideology.

When something happens, no matter what the subject matter is, media representatives will mostly ignore information that comes from a conservative perspective and totally accept whatever arcane rhetoric that the left spews forth.

What then happens is the general public is presented with only that version of events, leaving them with only half the story, or worse, completely misinformed. Since most of the elitist media are fellow liberal Democrats, they instantly disregard conservative Republican viewpoints and latch on to the rhetoric of their Democrat counterparts.

Take the issue of a connection between Iraq and 9-11. Liberals to this day contend that there is ‘no connection between Iraq and 9-11'. Yet there is a plethora of information that substantiates a viable, coherent connection between the two.

Not only has the intelligence community documented this multitude of information, but several books and columns have been produced proving these links exist and those links have gone virtually unchallenged. Even the 9-11 Commission that was formed by Congressmen wrote in their own report along with several other sources, that these links exist.

Yet the mainstream media has generated an information lock down on this issue. Since liberals want to create spin instead of dealing with the facts, their media brethren have accepted their rhetorical sleight-of-hand and resoundingly echo liberal talking points.

Remember, the connections between the two have been proven and are accurate without question and, again, were documented by our own Representatives in the 9-11 report. So why are members of the elitist media still drumming the ‘no connection’ mantra?

Because it is just that... a mantra. Which is an effective tool that has been utilized by liberal Democrats for years to make their arguments stick with the American populace. Which would get more attention, explaining each time the subject comes up that there are plenty of connections between Iraq and 9-11, or simply repeating time and time again that ‘no connection exists’?

If the elitist media reported the connections, Americans would suddenly ‘tune-out’ because, ‘well, they busted them, there’s the evidence’ and they’d turn to the next unsolved mystery to captivate their intrigue. By repeating the ‘no connection’ mantra, they are creating interest in a story of their own design and can use it every time President Bush brings up the subject to attack him and his administration.

They use the same tactic with the issue of global warming. No matter what is happening with the weather, it is going to be directly influenced by global warming, because liberals have told us that is the case.

The ice bergs are melting... it’s global warming. Antarctica is getting colder and the ice blanket is getting thicker... it’s global warming. Part of the country is dry and hot... it’s global warming. Another part of the country is cool and wet... it’s global warming.

The northeastern part of the country this past winter endured one of the worst snow seasons on record and, of course, media elitists were on top of their game as they explained to the American people that it was due to the burning of fossil fuels which has created global warming.

One of the most ironic situations is that media elitists have always been known for their excessive use of the ‘fear factor’ in reporting the news as a means to keep people focused on them and their need to be the purveyors of information.

But they go ballistic when someone mentions the memory of the tragedy on 9-11. They scream that those people are doing nothing more than ramping up the ‘fear factor’ in Americans just to keep them scared so the war mongers can attack another innocent dictator or destroy another terrorist.

Why we have more important things to worry about than terrorists flying planes into buildings and killing thousands of innocent Americans, global warming is going to raise the average temperature over the next several centuries a tenth of a degree and the ocean is going to rise a quarter of an inch!

Then they use their own scare tactic by constantly reminding Americans that while we are killing hundreds of thousands of innocent terrorists in Iraq, Osama bin Laden still hasn’t been captured. Conservatives aren’t supposed to allude to 9-11 because it might scare the country into believing that a threat still exists.

But media elitists can refer to the mastermind behind the tragedy of that day any time and as often as they see fit because it is important that Americans be scared into not forgetting that the threat of his presence still exists.

If it wasn’t so horrendously Machiavellian it would almost be funny.

Media elitists still chime the liberal mantra that ‘no WMD’ was found in Iraq. In fact, several different kinds of WMD have been discovered in that country. The difference in saying ‘no WMD’ and ‘no stockpiles of WMD’ to liberals is nothing more than semantics.

What it actually is, though, is a lie.

They know that WMD has been found in Iraq, and trying to play word games with the dissemination of that information is not just factually inaccurate, it is totally deceptive and by all apparent reason is being done so purposefully.

Remember when liberals were beside themselves because President Bush was referring to the lack of viability that is Social Security as it currently exists as a ‘crisis’? They flooded media reports with the ruse that Social Security wasn’t in a crisis, then the ‘right-wing media’ pointed out that liberals, themselves; including many members of the Clinton administration, had already claimed in the late Nineties it was in a ‘crisis’.

Suddenly, liberals turned the issue into a matter of semantics. They didn’t mean ‘crisis’ the way President Bush meant ‘crisis’. You see, it all depends on what the meaning of the word is... is. And besides, Bush actually intends to do something to try and fix the ‘crisis’, unlike liberal Democrats who were just letting everyone know that there was a ‘crisis’... action not required.

But buddy, you better believe that Bush was lying when they didn’t find WMD in Iraq, when actually WMD had been discovered, just not ‘stockpiles’ of WMD. Conservative Republicans just aren’t intellectual enough to understand the whole ‘semantics’ thing!

The problem isn’t that average middle-class Americans aren’t intellectual enough to understand liberal thought. The problem is that liberals and their media cohorts underestimate the intellectual capacity of the average American to actually understand what liberals say!

Lee P Butler

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