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Leftist Appeasement Of Terrorism Created The Connection Between Iraq And 9-11

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 Leftist Appeasement Of Terrorism Created The Connection Between Iraq And 9-11


Every single leftist political pundit, politician and news media representative outside the studios of Fox News; though some were there too, began spewing the same monotonous diatribe only seconds after President Bush’s speech in Fort Bragg, North Carolina.

They all seemed to be in some sort of excruciating pain where one was almost hissing and another gritting his teeth. Paula Zahn was livid, as if she had only moments before she would be vanquished and had to make the point stick in those last few waning minutes of her existence.

Some were repeatedly saying the President had referred to 9-11 five times, and others intoned that it was six times. Former conservative and now liberal love child David Gergen expressed that he was ‘offended’ because of President Bush’s references to 9-11.

Of course he is offended, as is every other liberal in this country and you can go right down the line with quotes from them all; Zahn, Stephonopolous, Gergen, Kerry, Clinton, Pelosi, NY Times, CNN, etc... They all hate any references to 9-11, but especially those from President Bush.

There is a reason for this and it is simple.

The cumulative effect of the events that led directly to the tragedy of 9-11 rest on the shoulders of liberals. They have since tried multiple times to lay the blame for that day at the feet of President Bush and his administration, but the evidence always points back at them.

When Terror Czar Richard Clarke tried to turn on the President and attacked him in a book and in front of the 9-11 Commission, it was proven that he had been given more cooperation by the Bush Administration than the previous one and that he had already publicly stated that the Clinton Administration was weak on terror.

It was the build-up and fortitude of terrorists and their networks that was allowed during the Clinton Administration, including several attacks on the United States even on our own soil, that eventually resulted in the attack of September 11, 2001.

Even though it happened on ‘George Bush’s watch’ as liberals continue to rant, in was that chain of events during the Nineties that created the atmosphere for the terrorists to execute their heinous plan and an over-whelming percentage of Americans understand that.

It is that understanding of who is mostly responsible for 9-11 that causes liberals such as David Gergen to call the President’s reference to that day President Bush’s ‘trump card’.

9-11 did happen on President Bush’s watch and it empowered him to undertake the larger War on Terror. It is a war that should have been generated during the Clinton Administration if they had in fact listened to their own terror czar, but since they didn’t feel the threat of terrorism was justifiable enough for them to neutralize possible enemy attacks before they transpired, terrorists were able to attack us with an even more ruthless attack that led to the deaths of 3000 innocent Americans.

Most Americans understand that the clarion call for the terrorist plan to attack us in our own country transpired with the first World Trade Center terrorist bombing and because that warning wasn’t properly heeded, terrorists were successful multiple times prior to and then ultimately on 9-11-2001.

That day started what is now the War on Terror.

Not the War on Afghanistan... or the War on Iraq... or the War on Iran... or the War on North Korea... the War on Terror!

Terrorism is the central focus of every military action America and the Coalition of the Willing has taken part in. That includes Operation Iraqi Freedom.

These pundits continue to assert that there is ‘no connection between 9-11 and Iraq’, but any intelligent human being in America knows that there is a connection between the two... besides the multiple examples that the intelligence community has uncovered and proven... that connection is simply... Terrorism.

It is that connection to terrorism President Bush exemplified in his speech he gave before the members of the military who the media referred to as his ‘cheerleaders’. Which was just another back-handed swipe at our armed forces by liberals.

Liberals know Iraq is a part of the War on Terror that was started as a direct response to 9-11, but fight any references between the two because their own guilt over 9-11 tells them the tragedy of that day is the catalyst for every military endeavor linked to defeating terrorism.

Take for example, the War on Drugs. If a known drug dealer is living in a house and it has been reported that he has drugs in his possession in that house, are the authorities supposed to just sit back and let him stay there as long as he is supposedly ‘contained’ in that house?

No. They understand that he was removed because whether or not drugs were found in the house, he was a threat to the community, based on his past activities and the information they had when they invaded his sanctuary.

Simply containing him didn’t mean that he wasn’t producing ‘crank’ in the basement and selling it in his back yard when the authorities also had intelligence that supported the belief that he still had drugs and intended to make more.

The political rhetoric of the left illustrates that they don’t want to be part of preemptively destroying terrorism before it has a chance to fester and spread. They only want to deal with the problem ‘after the fact’, when they can then go on the attack and blame everybody and everything else instead of actually doing something about the problem.

And Iraq being part of the War on Terror which was created in the wake of 9-11 is the antithesis to that premise.

They have to hope Iraq fails because for it to succeed means that the liberal approach will forever be rendered meaningless and impotent. Their lack of initiative that led directly to one of the worst tragedy’s in American history and was the catalyst for the spreading of democracy through the Middle East generated by the War on Terror, specifically in Iraq, will be forever intrinsically tied to success through pre-emptive action.

Liberals in America want no part of that legacy and specifically don’t want that possible legacy to ever be created. In their world, 9-11 can never be tied to Iraq because then their greatest achievement will have been appeasing terrorism.

Lee P Butler

Copyright 2016 Lee P Butler. All Rights Reserved.