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Obstruction Is Liberal Democrats Only Agenda

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by: Bill Frist
During the first complete two-year Congress of their presidencies, postwar presidents achieved the following confirmation rates for their circuit-court nominees: Truman (80th Congress; 3/3: 100 percent); Eisenhower (83rd; 12/13: 92.3 percent); Kennedy (87th; 17/22: 77.3 percent); Johnson (89th; 25/26: 96.2 percent); Nixon (91st; 20/23: 87 percent); Ford (94th; 9/11: 81.8 percent); Carter (95th: 12/12: 100 percent); Reagan (97th: 19/20; 95 percent); G.H.W. Bush (101st; 22/23: 95.7 percent); Clinton (103rd: 19/22: 86.4 percent); G.W. Bush (107th; 17/32: 53.1 percent).


Obstruction Is Liberal Democrats Only Agenda


The saga of obstructionism that is the entirety of the Democrat agenda on Capitol Hill may well turn a new corner soon when Senator Bill Frist (R-Tenn) stops the unprecedented filibuster by Democrats of President Bush’s judicial nominees.

"It is time for 100 senators to decide the issue of fair up-or-down votes for judicial nominees," a statement read from Frist‘s office. The statement also announced that two nominees, Priscilla Owen and Janice Rogers Brown, would be the ‘focus’ of their attention.

Since these two well qualified women have been termed ‘conservative’ the Democrats have decided they should not get a vote on the Senate floor. It doesn’t matter that they are both women. It doesn’t matter that one is an African-American as well as a California Supreme Court Justice. It doesn’t matter that they are both qualified and have passed without any problems their respective investigative committees.

It only matters that they are conservative. One website reported, “Democrats have a different view, arguing that she is an ultraconservative activist who uses the bench to rule against consumers, working people and minors who want abortions.”

That’s right, one of the things they are afraid of is that these judges will rule against ‘minors who want abortions’. Yet, the media and Democrats are up in arms over the issue of ‘moral values’ that Republicans get a vote of confidence for with the American electorate and they just can’t seem to understand why.

"Justice Owen has also been a leader for providing free legal services to the poor,” Frist recently said. “And she has worked to soften the impact of legal proceedings on children of divorcing parents," he continued and eventually remarked that Democrats had created a, "filibuster against people of faith." And the fact that she may think minors shouldn’t have abortions.

Along with the filibuster, Democrats have also turned to outright misinformation to push their agenda. "The time has come for Republican senators to decide whether they will abide by the rules of the Senate, or break those rules for the first time in 217 years," Democrat Leader Harry Reid of Nevada said in a written statement.

That is totally inaccurate, but the elitist media doesn’t care because it fits into their own leftist agenda of promoting the talking points of liberals no matter what they say. For 217 years it has been a precedent for the Senate to give an up-or-down vote on judicial nominees if they clear the investigative committee process, which all seven of President Bush’s nominees have done.

As Republicans finally decided to go on the offensive and started speaking out publicly, many media representatives and Democrat pollsters realized that the tide had turned against them with the American people.

Senator Frist offered Democrats a plan in which they would get hours of debate time on each nominee, then at the end of debate they would give the nominees an up-or-down vote. Democrats could see the writing on the wall and tried a new tactic.

Senator Reid offered a ‘compromise’ to the Republican leader in an effort to maintain their filibuster ability, they would agree to confirm at least four of the seven judicial nominees.

That’s right four of these hateful, vile, despicable, religious right-wing, anti-abortion judges would be given a floor vote in the Senate. How exactly is that possible? Up until now there was no way that Democrats could go against their conscience’s and vote on these terrible Bush nominees, yet suddenly four of them are okay for a vote?

Where are the editorials castigating these Democrats for turning against their ideals? For standing against what they know to be the right thing to do to protect the disenfranchised, they love referring to so often, from the mean spirited conservatives that will surely take away their rights?

Once again, Democrats have been caught playing the political games they have always played, but for too long were able to get away with.

Seemingly lost and flailing about as they look for some sort of traction with an agenda devoid of any real content, some Democrats are looking for answers that totally contradicts their actions. They have decided the one thing that will fix the problem is electing more women.

"One of the things that I appreciate is that when you elect more women, the tone gets more reasonable, the women figure out ways to get together, find more compromise," said Ellen Malcolm, the president and founder of the abortion rights group Emily's List. "I think we could use that kind of leadership in a big dose right now."

While she received "woman of the year" honors from the Woman's National Democratic Club she said, "Our dream is correct, that if we put women in power, the country will be better off -- we will be better off."

Notice how she advocates putting women in positions of power to make decisions she thinks will solve all the world’s problems, yet is supportive of the obstruction of the appointment of two well deserving women to the judicial bench by the very Party that awarded her contributions.

Either you support the advancement of women or you don’t. Anything else is fallacious doubletalk.

At some point liberal Democrats have to realize they can’t attack and obstruct everything the President or Republicans put forward. They will have to pick their battles more carefully, because the reality is they no longer control Washington D.C. or the media.

But more importantly, America is watching and listening.

Lee P Butler

Copyright 2016 Lee P Butler. All Rights Reserved.