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Liberalism's Robin Hood And His Baby Boomer Generation Of Merry Men

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Liberal Democrats love to portray themselves as the ‘modern day Robin Hood’, where the fictitious protagonist ‘robbed’ from the rich and gave to the poor, who were really just the followers of his crusade, but that’s not to say they weren’t needy, simply that they were his chosen minions.

Modern day liberalism is a self-aggrandized bizarro Robin Hood who robs everyday working American families through taxation to secure that collected revenue for the government to be disseminated to the masses at their discretion.

In honor of reality, that’s more akin to Jesse James and his train robbing brethren than the original Robin Hood. Robin Hood and his band of merry men, robbed the tyrannical government; the ‘rich’, that suppressed its people in virtual slavery; the ‘poor’, of the riches it had confiscated from them.

Modern day Robin Hoodistic liberals haven’t seen a tax increase they don’t like in their incessant desire to accumulate as much government wealth as they can possibly amass to be disseminated to the masses as they see fit. That oppressive collection of tax revenue creates the very governmental environment that Robin Hood was fighting against.

New York Times liberal columnist; adding the qualifier ‘liberal’ was simply for posterity, Nicholas D. Kristof wrote in a recent column, “As a baby boomer myself, I can be blunt: We boomers won’t be remembered as the ‘Greatest Generation’. Rather, we’ll be scorned as the ‘Greediest Generation’.”

Let the record show that the baby boomer generation is the heart of the ‘liberal movement’ that has worked to unravel the very moral fiber that has held this country together since it was founded so many generations ago.

Kristof was referring to the socioeconomic destruction that our children and grand children will be burdened with only a few short years down the road that will be generated through the current high administrative costs of entitlement programs such as Medicare, Social Security, the prescription drug benefit, and the liberal push for universal government healthcare that the baby boomer generation is so enamored with.

“We boomers are also preying on children in a more insidious way,” Kristof points out. “We’re running up their debts, both by creating new entitlement programs and by running budget deficits today.” He continues later referring to a study commissioned by the Treasury Department, “The study found that we face a present value ‘fiscal gap’ - the excess of expected payments over expected revenue - of $51 trillion. That’s 11 times our official national debt and also greater than our total net worth, meaning that in some sense we’re bankrupt.”

Bankrupt? Every time the President even breathes the word bankrupt, not to mention him saying that Social Security is facing a ‘crisis’, media elitists go apoplectic. Yet, here’s Kristof telling his liberal ‘boys in Robin’s hood’ brethren that their entitlements are bankrupting our children’s’ future.

It’s still amazing how liberal Democrats and the media don’t see the mendacity in claiming that there is no ‘crisis’ in Social Security when just a few short years ago Clinton and his merry men were criss-crossing the nation talking about the ‘crisis’ that existed in Social Security.

Even Al ‘Friar Tuck’ Gore campaigned on the issue of the Social Security ‘crisis’ by proposing a ‘lock box’ for the collected revenue. That idea scared millions of Americans who cringed at the thought of their money going into a ‘locked box’ where ‘Friar Tuck’ held the key and his buddy Robin could more easily raid its contents for his minions.

Media elitists have endlessly denigrated President Bush as he has toured the nation spreading his aspiration of empowering everyday working Americans with the ability to have a key to their own Social Security savings ‘lock box’ that would be personal accounts. But since ‘Friar Tuck’ wouldn’t hold the key, Democrats continue to fight the idea.

Plus, they are against the private accounts because adding that benefit to Social Security would indelibly tie reform of the program to President Bush and his legacy and Democrats will extinguish their political futures to prevent that from happening.

Look at what liberal elitist E. J. Dionne wrote about the President, “Bush’s ‘plan’ is still not a plan, just a few ideas.” No joke! Maybe Mr. Dionne could explain why then his media counterparts keep creating news stories for themselves by using data from polls they generate by asking Americans if they support the President’s ‘plan to privatize Social Security’?

President Bush has even relented and agreed to a stipulation of most liberal agendas where the ‘rich’ pays for benefits provided to the ‘poor’ through ‘indexing’ the future payouts going to the more affluent contributors to the program.

Supporters say the proposal would eliminate 70% of future deficits facing the program while at the same time making the system even more of a welfare program.

Those two facts should make Democrats happier than actually being in Sherwood Forest, but instead they are incensed, even outraged! How could that hog tying, brush clearing, pick-up truck drivin’ Texan turn their own liberalism against them spawning dissention among the ranks!

Mr. Dionne attacked some of his fellow Democrats who might see an opportunity to compromise on the issue saying, “Democrats who go along become enablers of a game being played with a stacked deck.” Yeah, but you brought the cards and made up the rules. Check mate!

Remember, in Sherwood Forest the greedy government was the enemy and Robin Hood and his merry men fought to end its oppressive intrusion into their lives and burdening taxation. In modern day America, we may need Jesse James to rob the train carrying liberal Robin Hood and his spoils back to his haven in Washington D.C. just to save us.

But watch out for ‘Friar Tuck’, he’s crazy man!

Lee P Butler

Copyright 2016 Lee P Butler. All Rights Reserved.