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Live From Baghdad: Cold-Blooded Killers Rule The Day

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June 07, 2006

Live From Baghdad: Cold-Blooded Killers Rule The Day

Lee P. Butler

“One thing I don’t want to hear anymore is people like [radio show host] Laura Ingraham spewing about us not leaving our balconies in the Green Zone to cover what’s really happening in Iraq,” the president of NBC News, Steve Capus was reported to have said recently.

He was referring to the tragic story of the CBS correspondent, Kimberly Dozier, who was severely wounded in Iraq by the explosion of an IED that also killed cameraman, Paul Douglas, soundman, James Brolan, and a U.S. soldier who’s name hadn’t been released.

The arrogance of Capus’ statement shows that he seems more concerned about using the tragedy of the incident to somehow justify the wall-to-wall news coverage of death and destruction coming from the liberal media in Iraq as they so adamantly intend to portray that image as ‘what’s really happening in Iraq’ as the only story there.

The reality is there has been more news coverage of that tragedy than of all the heroic acts of our military men and women throughout the entire conflict combined and that doesn’t even include the almost hourly updates given by the media concerning the earlier news cycle following the injuries to Bob Woodruff.

As a matter of a fact, can you even remember the last story of heroism by our military personnel covered in the liberal media?

Of course not. But we do get relentless coverage of people like Representative John Murtha (D-Pa.) who said members of our troops, “killed innocent civilians in cold blood,” and almost gleeful reports from the liberal media concerning our troops about incidents under investigation of possible misdeeds of conduct where they pretty much indict the soldiers before the investigations are even completed.

“This nation [America] rained down death on tens of thousands of Iraqi civilians, at least 30,000 by Bush’s own admission. It continues in the chaotic deaths of scores of people every few days,” wrote Boston Globe columnist Derrick Z. Jackson.

It doesn’t matter to liberals like Mr. Jackson that tens of thousands of Iraqis were dying regularly under the Hussein regime including the thousands of deaths of children by starvation that was happening weekly.

Or the fact that many of those 30,000 deaths of Iraqi civilians have come through the actual cold-blooded killing of Iraqis by the hands of insurgent terrorists, not our military personnel, such as the incident where terrorists killed several children at a school while American soldiers were handing out toys and candy.

The liberal media reported that tragedy as being the fault of our military because they had been the intended target, after all, not the cold-blooded killers who cared less that Iraqi school children would get caught by their attack.
Then comes a ‘news report’ from the same liberal media addressing the recent spike in terrorist attacks in Iraq as, “an ominous sign that despite three years of combat, the U.S.-led coalition forces have not significantly weakened the insurgency.”

What the ...!?

You see how this happens, right? Another news ‘personality’ gets seriously wounded by a terrorist attack in Iraq, the liberal media gets outraged and their coverage of the useless, unnecessary, quagmire where the insurgent terrorists are getting stronger and our military men and women are being turned into ruthless torturers and cold-blooded killers gets ramped up.

They push that mantra even as they also report that the level of attacks have increased along with the positive move by Iraq towards a more stable, democratic government that has an ever growing security force of Iraqis who can operate without U.S. support and consists of a diversity of ethnic groups working together.

Plus, a steadily growing number of secure and functioning schools and hospitals. An oil production capacity that is consistent and has remained so through everything along with the economic viability that comes with the increasing amount of businesses that are regularly starting operations.

Ah, but liberals in the media have an excuse for that lack of coverage. Lara Logan of CNN recently said that her requests to do positive stories were routinely denied and got downright snide in her convenient justification.

“Oh, sorry, we can’t take you to that school project, because if you put that on TV, they’re going to be attacked, the teachers are going to be killed, the children might be the victims of attack,” Logan lamented. “Oh, sorry, we can’t show this reconstruction project because then that’s going to expose it to sabotage.”

So, liberal media personalities just can’t do any ‘positive’ stories going on in Iraq because they aren’t allowed to film the facilities in question? Uhmm, what’s stopping them from doing the stories without using actual video footage? Is the story itself just not newsworthy enough unless they have video to go along with it?

According to Capus, reporters aren’t doing stories from balconies in the Green Zone, so they have to be out and about with the military. Picking up a few reports while they’re on patrol about optimistic situations shouldn’t be that inconvenient to cover without video of the actual structure or people in the picture.

But then, that’s not really what’s at work here, is it? For the liberal media, the cold-blooded killers rule the day in Baghdad. Tens of thousands of dead Iraqi civilians can’t be wrong.


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