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Are Republicans Going To Continue Bashing The President Or Actually Solve Illegal Immigration?

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Calvin's Snowmen

June 01, 2006

Are Republicans Going To Continue Bashing The President Or Actually Solve Illegal Immigration?

Lee P. Butler

The illegal alien issue that is raging throughout Congress and in many communities across America is just as pertinent and problematic in North Carolina as it is in other states such as; Texas, Arizona, New Mexico, or California.

The dramatic increase of the illegal alien population in the Hispanic community puts an enormous strain on the state economy, specifically the drain they put on our social service resources which is directly funded with tax revenue that is already a heavy burden on working North Carolina families from the liberal tax and spend policy coming from our leadership in Raleigh.

A solution is needed to deal with the problem and a comprehensive plan is the best way to handle the short problem while at the same time reforming the system to solve the problems we’ll be facing in the future.

Unfortunately, most of the Republican leadership in Washington D.C., Conservatives, the ones who could always be counted on to solve the real problems, now seem to have only a one track mind when it comes to fixing the illegal alien problem in this country.

Bash the President... repeatedly... mercilessly. They say President Bush is offering nothing but amnesty. Congressman Patrick McHenry a solid Republican Conservative from the 10th District in North Carolina wrote, "A guest worker program is nothing more than amnesty wearing make-up - it's easier to look at, but just as ugly underneath."

Yet Congressman McHenry, along with most other Conservatives pound the President calling his ’guest worker program’ amnesty while mainly suggesting that the border be shut down in whatever means necessary, without really offering anything more.

Okay, build a fence, then what?

When confronted with that question all they can say is, ‘we’ll deal with that once we secure the border’.


Once we secure the border, we’ll then have trapped 12 to 20 million illegal aliens in this country. How are you planning to extradite that many people? Then they come back with, ‘nobody is talking about mass deportation!’

Then you are proposing amnesty. Either you are going to deport 15 million people or you are not. No, you’re right.

Let’s just keep bashing the President so his poll numbers will continue to plummet, which directly affects the candidacies of other Republicans, so they’ll lose their seats and possibly control of the House, putting Democrats in charge while the Democrats are just standing back waiting for it to happen.

That’ll teach the President a lesson about calling for a ‘guest worker program’... I mean amnesty. Why, after the Democrats take charge, they’ll surely deal with the illegal immigration problem by... passing legislation that really is AMNESTY.

So what would I do?

In my column, ‘Solving The Illegal Alien Aspect Of Immigration‘, I answered that question, so I’ll break it down now, but first let me say that my fellow Conservatives could learn a lot about debating issues among ourselves and how it affects politics publicly.

Instead of utilizing this apparently insatiable desire to slam the President, I would acknowledge that I’m glad to see President Bush is concerned about the issue and has suggested a ’guest worker plan’ that might work, but that I have a more comprehensive plan that I feel would better serve the country and think he would approve once he hears it.

Then I’d list the bullet points:

Mexico is intentionally exacerbating the problem by promising to work with America. NAFTA was passed by Congress and President Clinton to specifically help Mexico create jobs and raise the economic status of the Mexican people. Mexico should be penalized utilizing that trade agreement if they don’t start immediately a proactive measure to stop the physical migration of their people across the border that would include military force if necessary.

They should also start a comprehensive system, in conjunction with the United States, in Mexico through which the people of Mexico can be processed there to take part in the ‘guest worker’ program supported by President Bush. That would create a legal and physical channel that can be better controlled and monitored by the two countries to prevent abuses while allowing workers to be matched with employers.

Next, the United States has to change the part of its immigration policy that gives American citizenship to any baby born in this country. Children born to parents of immigrants who followed the proper procedures should be American. Children born of illegal aliens should not, but should be allowed to follow through on the naturalization process to attain American citizenship status.

Accompanying that should be a policy whereby any illegal alien who signs up for or receives social services, including health related concerns such as pregnancy, are automatically placed after treatment in the system for extradition. This would be designed to move those people back to their country of origin where they can then be processed through the legal immigration channel.

Give amnesty to all employers who have hired illegal aliens, but upon the President’s signature of that legislation, those employers have to give up those employees to be processed through the ‘guest worker’ program described above. All forms of taxation should immediately start being deducted from the worker's pay and only until that person completes the legal naturalization process, do they receive credit for those contributions.

A transfer tax of at least 35 percent should be imposed on the billions; that's billions with a B, of dollars a year that is sent to Mexico from America. That revenue would help absorb the total cost of social services that have suddenly skyrocketed across the country from the influx of illegal aliens and are bankrupting local and state governments. It will also fund the continuance of those services as America accepts the incorporation of those people into this country.

Finally, to remove the political nuance that has had the tendency to motivate political machinations in Congress, any person who qualifies as an illegal alien in the ‘guest worker’ program will forever be denied the ability to vote in this country. Unless they go back to their country of origin and follow the mandates of our immigration policy to incorporate themselves in the United States as an American citizen the same way millions of other immigrants have done legally for centuries.

Building a fence that costs $3.8 million a mile, penalizing employers who will pass the increased costs on to customers or shut down operations losing tax revenue collections, stressing out more of our National Guard troops, and constantly beating up the President won’t solve the problem of illegal immigration.

Isn’t it time our Republican leaders actually put together a plan to solve the problem? Or would they rather continue to give Democrats fodder to paint us as racists and bigots, then after the election, show everybody what the true definition of amnesty really is?

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