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If Terrorists Were Telemarketers, Liberals Would Gladly Send Them To Gitmo

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Calvin's Snowmen

May 17, 2006

If Terrorists Were Telemarketers, Liberals Would Gladly Send Them To Gitmo

Lee P. Butler

“Mr. Smith you are the lucky winner of a free, all expenses paid seven day cruise for you and a companion of your choice to the Caribbean on the exciting Good Ship Lollypop cruise line. We know you are already looking forward to the prospect of taking part in this astounding adventure and once we’ve completed all the necessary information you and your partner will be on your way to an excellent and well deserved free vacation.”

For many people, a phone call eerily similar to that has often interrupted what up to that point had been a nice quiet dinner with the family. Then the phone rings and, sure enough, there was a telemarketer on the other end of the line trying to get information from you about one scheme or another.

The problem for most of those people was the basic fact that the telemarketer already had too much information about them by simply having their name and telephone number, by which the telemarketer could call them interrupting their dinner and harass them for more information.

This type of harassment finally reached a boiling point across America and suddenly the government was rushing to the rescue. Legislators from district to district were suddenly ‘Johnny-on-the-spot’ and had made stopping this activity their number one objective.

Faster than you can say ‘al-Qaida’, phone banks were set up so that people who wanted their names and phone numbers removed from all telemarketers’ lists could give those government officials their names and telephone numbers so they could then be forever protected from the dinner interrupting harassing phone calls.

Moving forward through the tragedy of 9-11 to the current day world where the threat of terrorist attacks are more prevalent than they’ve ever been and telecommunications are as important to terrorist activity as bomb making, the collection of phone numbers by the government has once again come into play.

The difference this time is that the same liberal Democrats who were once outraged at the telemarketers ability to gather the basic information of Americans and wanted them to willingly give those liberal members of government that information are now incensed that the government has access to that same information and is collecting it to form a database to better track possible terrorist activity.

Suddenly, liberal government officials; who it seems is constantly fighting against the Bush administration’s attempts to thwart terrorists and their planning of future attacks, want to know how it’s possible that phone companies can just give the National Security Agency the phone numbers of innocent Americans.

Many of these liberals have conveniently forgotten that they voted for legislation during the Clinton administration’s tenure in office that Clinton supported giving the government the ability to collect such data under the auspices of the Communications Assistance for Law Enforcement Act of 1994.

Senator Patrick Leahy, (D-VT), who was one of the liberals who voted in support of that legislation spouted off about the current activity, asking, “Are you telling me that tens of millions of Americans are involved with al-Qaida?” Senator Leahy went on to display his inane political posturing by claiming, “If that’s the case, we’ve really failed in any kind of war on terror.”

Based on that, it’s sadly apparent that Senator Leahy and other liberals in Congress would be adamantly in favor of this activity if terrorists were telemarketers. Then, if a terrorist called you to offer you a free suicide bomb, you could give Senator Leahy your telephone number and all would be right in the world.

What’s even more crazy, is that liberals would rather send telemarketers to Guantanamo Bay for an open-ended detention because they had the audacity to purchase your telephone number from organizations, including phone companies.

Yet they are irrevocably incensed that those same phone companies would voluntarily give your phone number to the government, whose number one prerogative is to protect American citizens above all else.

Liberals are also asserting that their phone numbers are protected through a Constitutional right to privacy and that even though the government may not listen to your phone calls, just them having your number violates that Constitutional protection.


Many institutions, including the press, across the country require even more intimate details of your personal information than just your name and phone number to take part in whatever it is that they are offering.

Plus, in this technology based world, you have to include such universal services provided by phone companies as caller ID and call forwarding and the yearly production of several different phone books that list numbers, names and addresses.

Which surely contributes to the attitude of 2/3rds of American citizens as shown by polls that they not only think it’s important for the government to monitor phone numbers in the war on terror, but they expect the government to do so.

When the 9-11 Commission said communications between terrorists greatly enabled them to carry out their deadly plot, the government being able to quickly process and intercept calls of that nature is a fundamental tool of resource to prevent any future terrorist attack in this country.

What is it about that necessity that liberals just don’t understand?

No one wants telemarketers interrupting their dinner, nor do they want terrorists to blow them up while they’re enjoying that time with their families.

The difference here is, unlike the average American, terrorists won’t volunteer their telephone numbers to the government, even if it means they would be removed from a telemarketers list!

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