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The Race Card Convicted The Duke Lacrosse Players

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Calvin's Snowmen

May 09, 2006

The Race Card Convicted The Duke Lacrosse Players

Lee P. Butler

A recent Charlotte Observer editorial said it all: "This case is also an important test of how issues of class and race affect justice in a Southern city where those divisions quietly linger.

"Duke’s high price and elite academic reputation draw a mostly white, affluent student body that stands out from Durham’s working class surroundings. The backgrounds of the accuser and the accused mirror those divisions.

"The woman is black, a mother of two and enrolled at nearby N.C. Central University, a historically black university. The players are white and wealthy enough to waive court-appointed counsel and promptly post $400,000 bonds."

And there you have it. Why does there have to be a trial, those Duke lacrosse players are as guilty as sin. Why they’re rich and white and they attend... Duke University! They should be burned at the stake in the middle of Durham.

Don’t think for one minute that the Observer is the only media outlet that has consistently lambasted the racial and economic elements of this very tragic story. There is hardly one story produced by the media that doesn’t also include those ingredients, you know, just in case you somehow forgot or never realized that aspect existed.

Here’s the problem many have with this story. What, exactly, does race and or affluence have to do with the degrading violence of rape?

Anybody knowledgeable of the intricacies of rape will tell you that although sexual assault is what defines the act of rape, it very rarely is the mitigating factor for the assailant. Rape is generally perpetrated as an act of violence to control or dominate.

In most cases, it is also concentrated on people who know or have known each other and is generally manifested as same-race contact. Based on the U.S. Department of Justice’s Crime Victimization Survey, most incidents of rape are white-on-white, black-on-black, and so forth.

What that information doesn't tell you, but should be plainly obvious, is not one of those cases, including the alleged case in question happened because of the race of the people involved.

If the rich, white lacrosse players did rape the poor, black stripper, it didn’t happen because of race, it happened for other various reasons.

Yet that is the very attack that is being put forth by several African-American leaders from the Durham community. Even the emperor of the race card hate-mongering tactic, Jesse Jackson, has glommed on to the tragedy and has focused on race as the issue.

"The history of white men and black women, and the special fantasies and exploitation, is old and ancient," Jackson railed. "The historical pattern of this behavior arouses so many fears and conjures up so many bad memories."

So based on the analogy of Mr. Jackson, the allegation that a rape transpired, devoid of any DNA evidence, is beyond reproach specifically because of race, not because of the possible violent tendencies of drunken, sex-crazed student athlete's late one night.

The most glaring problem with that is a fact that has just recently come to light about that night. There was a second stripper at the house at the same time as the accuser who is also an African-American female and not only wasn’t she raped, but she asserts to having no knowledge of a rape having taken place.

How is it possible using Mr. Jackson’s racist rant, that the rich, white guys could rape one female following their historically prevalent fantasies and exploitation of poor, black women, and leave the other female virtually untouched?

That stripper, however, did call 9-1-1 to report that someone from the group had called her the N-word after leaving the party. All the while, the alleged rape victim sat in the car beside her never once mentioning that she had been raped by the same people the stripper was reporting for using a racial epithet.

Plus, the most recent statistical data on the subject exposes the complete idiocy of Mr. Jackson’s assertion because it tells a different story. Black men raped white women in 15 percent of the incidents reported, where the percentage of black women raped by white men is so small it is recorded as 0 percent.

That doesn’t mean it never happens, it just proves how mendacious the over-inflated, sanctimonious hyperbole of Jesse Jackson is when it comes to his obvious desire to prevent race relations in this country from ever healing itself.

Mr. Jackson also pledges to pay the college expenses of the alleged victim whether her story proves to be accurate or not. Would Mr. Jackson make the same offer to a white female who had accused black men of raping her even if her allegation proved to be false?

Once every legal facet of this case has had time to be adjudicated in the justice system of this country and a decision has been rendered one way or the other, one fact should not have been impugned publicly.

If the victim was raped, race had nothing to do with it.

But playing the race card seems to be the major factor that 'affect[ed] justice in a Southern city’ where it was used to convict the Duke lacrosse players in the court of public opinion.


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