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Declassifying The Plame Name Game Offense Of Deception

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Calvin's Snowmen

April 12, 2006

Declassifying The Plame Name Game Offense Of Deception

Lee P. Butler

Liberal elitists in the media across the country have gone into Hurricane Katrina blame game mode where they pass off their own political biases as news coverage and try desperately to spin leftist opinion pieces into news analysis for the latest attack Bush episode of the Valerie Plame name game leak case.

The shenanigans surrounding this whole leak investigation has been little more than a liberal Democrat scam festered by media elitists trying to continue their ‘Bush Lied’ mantra while fervently attempting to cover up the lies and deceptions of Joe Wilson who has used his wife as a shield against those misdeeds.

While the media has worked tirelessly to paint the Plame leak as the President’s intentional attack against Joe Wilson and former covert CIA agent Valerie Wilson (Plame) as a way to not only discredit them but to directly destroy their lives.

Why? Because Joe Wilson proved beyond a shadow of a doubt and wrote an op-ed confirming that Saddam Hussein never once sought to buy or even looked into the prospects of buying yellowcake uranium from the African country of Niger.

Right... and as a famous general would say, that’s a load of bovine scat!

Then comes the report about a court filing from special prosecutor Patrick Fitzgerald concerning I. Lewis Libby’s testimony.

In almost every Democrat talking point released by media elitists it was stated that ‘Scooter’ Libby had testified that he was told to ‘leak’ what he stated was ‘certain information’ to the press by Vice President Cheney with approval from President Bush concerning intelligence information used by the administration during pre-war planning.

Sounds eerily similar to the ‘breeching’ of the levees warning the administration was supposedly given before hurricane Katrina, when in fact they had only been warned about ‘over-topping’ of the levees!

Let’s get something straight here. The President regularly gives permission for information to be released to the press, choosing specific members of the press for public consumption. If those are ‘leaks’, then every ‘exclusive’ interview or news story is a leak.

In this case, there was information that had been verified as non-threatening to our national security, so the President declassified the intelligence documented in a National Intelligence Estimate report to be released and made accessible to the public.

It was that intelligence information that Libby was granted permission to give to the press.

Media elitists knew this and knew that simply reporting those facts as the news just wouldn’t fit their ‘Bush Lied’ template of news reporting, especially when it concerns the Plame case.

They decided to promote this in a way that made it seem as though the President had authorized Libby to give Valerie Plame’s name to the media, not the intelligence inside the NIE report. Many of the stories produced by these media elitists used quotes from Democrats that were openly fallacious as they referred to the ‘leaking’ of ‘classified’ information, which is patently false.

Democrats and their liberal media counterparts are following through with this story in this way, just as they have countless times before, because they think the American public is too stupid to know better.

Just as ‘breeching’ is not the same as ‘over-topping’, ‘leaking’ information is not the same as releasing information for public access. Information that is ‘leaked’ is generally considered information that is detrimental in nature and is expected to remain undisclosed by somebody.

Remember, Libby isn’t accused of revealing the name of a covert agent, but of having given conflicting testimony during the leak investigation. The investigation itself was only supposed to discover if the agent was covert or not, but turned into an administration witch hunt.

The sad reality is, the NIE report neither corroborated nor refuted the story surrounding Wilson’s op-ed which focused on him attacking the administration over the statement made by the President that British intelligence reported that Saddam sought to purchase uranium from Niger.

The mainstream media continues to ignore that Wilson himself proved that report to be accurate in his own book, despite the fact that he claimed differently in his New York Times op-ed.

The NIE report that was declassified by President Bush simply showed the possibilities that might exist in Iraq under the reign of Saddam. So how does releasing that information constitute an attack on Joe Wilson?

Prosecutor Fitzgerald has yet to prove that a violation of the law has occurred concerning the revelation of Plame’s name to the media and many people believe that the indictment of Libby was nothing more than an attempt to justify what turned out to be ‘fishing expedition’.

Even Pete Yost of the Associated Press wrote, “Special Counsel Fitzgerald stopped short of accusing Cheney of authorizing his Chief of Staff, I. Lewis Libby, to leak the CIA identity of Valerie Plame.”
Why did the prosecutor stop short of the accusation that the media is asserting happened?

Because it’s unlikely that he was ‘authorized’ to release her name in the first place. He was directed to release the NIE report intelligence declassified by the President so the public could have access.

That information was the press release, not the name of an employee of the CIA whose status has been shown was no longer covert and hadn’t been for years.

What needs to be declassified is the media’s Plame name game offense of deception in their Bush Lied plan of action.

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