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Liberal Media Elitists Believe They Alone Should Control National Dialogue

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Calvin's Snowmen

January 31, 2006

Liberal Media Elitists Believe They Alone Should Control National Dialogue

Lee P. Butler

The Associated Press produced another liberally biased opinion piece where the writer openly attacked President Bush over the issue of, ‘the National Security Agency’s controversial electronic monitoring program,’ as they tried to pass off the editorial as a standard news release.

They wrote, “President Bush and his top national security advisers are trying to change the debate - and even the vocabulary,’ of the program.

Change the debate... and the vocabulary?

What they should have written is ‘clarifying’ the debate... and the vocabulary.

These liberal media elitists don’t like the fact that the President has decided to fight back against their own manipulation of what they call ‘new reports’ specifically concerning the issue of his approval of NSA intercepts of communications that transpire internationally and are connected to suspected terrorists.

From the moment the New York Times published the article that possibly breached our national security by releasing what had been classified National Security Agency information, liberal media elitists have repeated the mantra that it is a ‘domestic spying program’.

So the President called them out and said a better way to describe it was by saying it is a terrorist surveillance program. There was spontaneous combustion of global warming proportion inside newsrooms across the country when that hit the fans.

They were incensed that the President would undermine their monotonous ranting and repetitious attempt to misguide the American populace into accepting that his administration wanted nothing more than the absolute power to destroy your civil rights by spying on you ‘domestically’!

When the first polls were done right after the Times article was published, the results showed Americans were dramatically in favor of the President’s terrorist surveillance program. Media elitists couldn’t have any of that.

So they began to do more polls where the conveniently altered the questions asked in the polls that were being taken or simply ‘weighted’ the poll with people they felt would favor of the desired results.

A recent example of this was published in a Times poll that showed 53 percent of respondents supported the NSA program. That didn't work, so liberals got the answer they were looking for when they removed the word ‘terrorist’ from the question. In that case, 46 percent supported the program.

It wasn’t really much of a change, but it was enough for media elitists. Giving the Times credit, they did report the totality of the polls including the fact about the word change, but it doesn’t alter or justify the Times perceived necessity to change the wording in the poll as it made it seem obvious they intended to get a different result.

Which, quite frankly, coincides with their manipulation of the issue by calling the program that is directed at terrorist activity a ‘domestic spy program’.

The AP reporter even went so far as to chastise the President by giving a declarative definition that she obviously believed gave justification for their more aptly titled rendition. “According to law,” she wrote, “the rules and procedures for monitoring domestic communications apply even when only one end of the call is on U.S. soil.”


Is the other ‘end of the call’ with a suspected terrorist? Hence, terrorist surveillance program.

So as far as that liberal media elitist was concerned, it’s a ‘domestic spying program’ because only one end of the call is on U.S. soil. But doesn't consider it a terrorist surveillance program even though a suspected terrorist... either inside or outside the country... is on the other end of the call?

You see, they also got huffy and had to find an excuse to cover their attempted manipulation of pubic opinion through faulty language because even they had to admit that intercepted communications involved parties outside the U.S. So to their chagrin, the President was ‘by-passing’ the FISA court with his approval of the activity without a warrant.

The problem with that was not only the fact that public opinion was in favor of the President on the issue, but that it was becoming harder for them to explain just exactly why they were arguing that the President had to get a warrant under the FOREIGN Intelligence Surveillance Act if the administration was in fact utilizing what media elitists were claiming was a ‘domestic spy program’.

Plus, another factor suddenly turned up the heat on media elitists. Because they exposed the details of the highly classified program to the terrorists, they are now being investigated for a possible breach of national security.

“We must be able to quickly detect when someone linked to al-Qaida is communicating with someone inside of America,” President Bush said. “That’s one of the challenges of protecting the American people.”

But liberal media elitists could possibly have decimated that weapon in the arsenal of national security.

Doesn't matter, they are more concerned that they alone control the national dialogue. Otherwise, average Americans may actually learn what’s really going on in the world instead of what liberal media elitists want people to think.

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